Inspiron 1501 - Resource Conflict Error


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Inspiron 1501 - Resource Conflict Error

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Hi, hoping someone can help as running out of ideas now.

When I switch on, before Windows (XP) has a chance to start, I hear a double beep, then a black screen with Error messages.

Here's the full message:

Phoenix TrustedCore (tm) NB
Copyright 1985-2005 Phoenix technologies Ltd.
All rights Reserved

BIOS Version 2.6.3
System Configuration Data updated
Resource Conflict - PCI Network Controller on Motherboard
      Bus: 08, Device: 00, Function: 00
Resource Conflict - PCI Serial Bus Controller on Motherboard
      Bus: 08, Device: 01, Function: 00
Resource Conflict - PCI on Motherboard
      Bus: 08, Device: 00, Function: 01
Resource Conflict - PCI on Motherboard
      Bus: 08, Device: 00, Function: 02

Press <F1> to Resume, <F2> to Setup, <F3> or <Num 9> to Reboot

So, I press <F1> and Windows starts as normal.

Once inside Windows, it finds this "new hardware" and tries to instal, but cannot, so then there's 3 x yellow exclamation marks on PCI Devices in Device Manager.
Also, Broadcom network controller has the same yellow exclamation mark.
Messing about trying to update drivers yesterday only resulted in the blue screen several times, so now I have formatted nd started the process of re-installing XP.
First time it's rebooted since installing, the same error comes up.

So, this morning I've stripped the laptop down trying to find any loose connections, but finding nothing untoward, reassembled.
I did clean the fan while I had it open, so not a complete waste of time.

Anyway, same problem, and running out of ideas.
Just hoping someone can give any idea as to the possible problem.

Thanks in advance

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  • Hi johnlk,

    I am sorry about the situation; please shut down the computer and then run the hardware diagnostics, follow the steps below.

    Press the Fn + power this will initiate the hardware diagnostics. Let us know if there is any error code listed.

    Thanks and regards,
    Senthil S
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  • Hi Senthil, thanks for responding.

    The Fn + power test is complete, and every result is a PASS
    This is the same result I had yesterday from the diagnostics tool on Dell's web-site (apart from my battery which was the only thing to fail)

  • Just an update as I've made some progress.

    I've re-installed XP, including Service Pack 3, and installed the drivers from the Dell Resource CD.
    The error on the start-up has gone, no beeps, and no black screen as before.

    Now though, in Device Manager, the Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller is still with yellow exclamation mark.

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled, and sourced the driver direct from Broadcom's site, but still this problem.

    In Computer management - Event Viewer - System, there's multiple errors with the name bcm4sbxp, and in the properties it shows Event ID as 5008, and says "Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller : Has encountered an invalid network address."

    There's no further help in the Support Centre, and google hasn't helped either.

    At least feeling like the end to this problem is near.

    If anyone's got any hints they would be greatly appreciated.

  • Something might be wrong with the Ethernet. Try the Dell XP driver: 

    You can see also whether you can disable the Ethernet/Integrated NIC within the BIOS setup and boot into Windows XP then power down the computer. Then go into the BIOS setup and re-enable it.

    You might also want to install Windows 7 32 bit without a product key for a 30 day trial from here: or Windows 8.1 Enterprize evaluation for a 90 day trial: 

    Both versions of Windows have native driver support for this NIC and 8.1 will have driver support for everything in this model (except maybe the card reader) so if the ethernet works you know instantly it is a driver problem within Windows XP (which reaches End of Life in 5 months) or a hardware fault if the NIC still doesn't work in Windows 7 or 8.1.

    Philip Yip


    Windows Reinstallation Guide and Related Wikies See here for other wikies such as Customising and Using Windows 8.1, Dell Wireless Cards and Unofficial Drivers.

  • Scratch my last post, this morning I've booted up and have the same errors as before.

    Device manager shows Broadcom with the same yellow mark, and 3 "Other Devices" listed as "PCI Device", and all with the same yellow marks.

    Yesterday these 3 were not showing, but there was one called SDA something that sometimes had, sometimes didn't have the same yellow exclamation mark.

    I had checked the driver details of the Broadcom device yesterday, and it showed as: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\bcm4sbxp.sys.
    It says the same this morning.
    Does this mean it's installed Windows version of the driver, rather than the Dell version?
    The one on the Resource CD (R133409) and the one you've linked to (R149798) both look like they are installing, but the driver details remains the same, and the yellow mark is always there.

    I can't see any settings in the BIOS relating to this, so cannot do that step.

  • Now since installing and uninstalling this device, trying to instal the right driver, i am starting to get the blue screen of death. It's the second one in two days.

    The message mentions rimmptsk.sys and a quick google says:

    Rimmptsk.sys with description rimmptsk is a driver file from company REDC belonging to product RICOH SD/MMC Driver

    This is what I was referring to before when i said the device was SDA something.

    So, it could be two bits of hardware, or two drivers?

  • Ok, so I've just rebooted since it blue screened, and no errors and no beeps again.

    Device manager now shows Broadcom and SDA Standard Compliant SD Host Controller, both with the yellow marks.

    SDA driver details are similar, C\Windows\System32\drivers\sdbus.sys

    So,are these devices using the windows default drivers instead of the Dell ones?

    My next step would be to try Windows 7, but i am a bit reluctant as I've formatted and re-installed XP twice in 2 days and it doesn't look too straight-forward

  • Hi johnlk,

    Installing the Windows 7 operating system is a very good thought, after installing incase the issue persists then it’s an issue with the motherboard. Please consider replacing it.

    Thanks and regards,
    Senthil S
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  • Ok, I've managed to borrow discs of Windows 7
    I've tried to boot from disc but cannot, so I presume my laptop is not high-end enough.

    I'm guessing I would have the same problem if I downloaded 7 from the link above, and then went through converting it to boot from USB?

  • Forgot to mention, I tried 32 and 64-bit versions, and both wouldn't load.

  • Ok, so I've loaded Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit from disc (without registration).
    I'm currently updating, Service Pack 1 is already added.

    The same problem is present, so I'm presuming that's confirmation its a hardware problem.

    So, to repair this, am I looking at replacing any/all of the faulty components, or replacing/repairing the motherboard?

    Seems like it could work out expensive.

  • The mainboard will cost a lot to replace and it is not worth it for this model.

    If it is just the Ethernet that's not working then you can probably get by on wireless.

    If its the card reader you may need to install the following drivers:

    Philip Yip


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  • Thanks, but no, those drivers haven't helped either, the same beeps and error message are present on start-up.

    Sometimes the original card reader drivers from the Resource disc were working fine, but then for no reason they would stop and the error would come back. The broadcom never showed as installed at any time.

    Pressing F1 when the error comes up, and disabling the Broadcom in Device Manager is the only inconvenience, but I'll have to accept it's nearing the end of it's life now. Shame as I've owned from new and Windows 7 does look good on it..

    Thanks again for the help, I've marked this as answered now,

  • I upgraded my Dell Inspiron E1505 PC to Windows 8.1 - now one of the usb drivers don't work , when I plug in a flash drive my PC shuts down. It was

    working on Windows 8 ,I don't know what happened, maybe I lost the driver ? There is nothing on the device manager that shows there is a problem.

    Originally my pc had Windows XP , then I upgraded to Windows 7 , then I dual booted w/ Windows 8, I took off Windows 7 , reinstalled  Windows 8

    everything was working good , but a after upgrading to Windows 8.1 - one USB isn't working , also I deleted my old Windows files -  well if you know of a soln. to fix  my USB , can you help . Additionally , when I try to use the Dell diagnostics - for hardware-USB port- when I plug in a flash drive for testing -my PC

    just shuts down . Well , if you know a soln ., can you please help , thank you.


  • Hi SUMMER100,

    The Inspiron E1505 was not tested with Windows 7 and Windows 8 and there are no drivers available in the Dell support website. Please install Windows XP and check if the USB ports are working fine. In case the issue persists it may be a hardware failure. In case the issue doesn’t occur in Windows XP then you can install the Windows Vista driver for chipset in compatibility mode. Follow the steps below.

    Right Click the driver installation file and select Properties/Compatibility Tab > check the box run this program in compatibility mode, Select the appropriate options. BIOS

    Connect the Ac Adapter before updating the BIOS and do not use the system until it restarts after the update. Chipset driver

    Thanks and regards,
    Senthil S
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