I have a:
Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition 7520.
i7-3632QM @2.20GHz
8GB RAM, 256GB MSATA (PX-256M5M), 1TB HD.
I installed the new msata with no problems. After a lot of troubleshooting and installing windows 7 64x (400GB total host writes on msata drive). When BIOS set to AHCI and Windows 7 installed on either the msata or HD. And have to have power setting on High performance. When I run AS SSD benchmark on the msata drive with the power cable plugged in I get the great speeds and test runs fine. When I unplug the power cable the AS SSD Test has problems at 4k write and Blue screens with a F4 error. If I make the high performance battery settings match the plugged in power, I still get the blues screen. If I update the IDE ATA/ATAPI controller drivers I dont get the blue screen but I dont get the high speeds. Its like the updated drivers make it run at ATA speeds. Any troubleshooting ideas? Thank you.