Studio 1558 random shut down issue even with latest BIOS


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Studio 1558 random shut down issue even with latest BIOS

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I had already posted a query in the thread which discusses the DELL Studio 1558 random shutdown issue.

Now, I want to confirm that the DELL suggested solution of upgrading to A4 BIOS isn't going to help. I'm using A12 version and struggling with the same issue.

To rule out any software issue, I tried booting both Windows and Ubuntu Linux and they both shut down randomly. Much worse, at times the laptop shutsdown during BIOS boot itself.

I tried executing the hardware diagnostics by pressing the Fn key while powering up the laptop and could see random shutdown while executing the test. I'm not able to reproduce the case exactly with any prescribed steps. It's totally random and I can use my laptop hardly for 5 minutes.

Since there have been lot of reports on this issue, has DELL root caused the issue at all?? Kindly advice me what can I do now as my laptop is post - warranty.

Since it's post warranty, hope DELL doesn't say "Sorry, we don't cover it" or should I convince myself that this is what I have paid for and discard the laptop?

- Deva

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  • Obviously as your system is out of warranty, then you are not "covered" so you've more or less answered your own question there.

    Random shutdowns could be one one of many things inc Hardware failure, overheating or failing CMOS battery (Coin Cell). Since you are unable to execute any form of diagnostics then we cannot say for sure if it is hardware related.

    I don't know what you've tried already but here are a few suggestions...

    First thing to try would be to boot into Safe Mode (F8). Try it in different states of Safe Mode and see if the system still has random shutdowns. Secondly, remove any build up of dust in the vents by using either compressed air canister or dismantling laptop and cleaning the fan and vents. Thirdly, replace the CMOS battery with a new one as per your models instructions.

    Have you checked Windows Event Viewer? Type Event in Windows Search, click on Event Viewer and check all logs for any clues.

    Post back with results


  • Thanks for responding Paul. Yes, I do understand DELL can't cover my laptop under free repair. Since there are many other customers reporting the same issue, I thought there may be a recall or hot-fix (other than using A04 BIOS).

    1) I have tried safe booting and the issue happens in there too. To rule out any Windows 7 problem, I have seen the issue while using Ubuntu also. Yes, I have dual OS boot in my system (not the virtual machine installation, but a clean Ubuntu setup).

    2) I have dismantled the laptop completely and removed a ball of dust from the heat sink vent and cleaned the fan blades too. Also I replaced the thermal paste with a fresh one from Cooler master (care has been taken to avoid any air bubbles while applying the paste after thorough removal of the older paste).

    3) Random shutdown due to CMOS battery is news to me. Anyway, will try replacing the battery and try my luck.

    Thanks once again for the suggestions. Will keep posted.

  • Random shutdowns due to CMOS battey failures are usually accompanied by BSOD to be honest, but the batteries are so cheap its not a disaster if it doesn't resolve the issue. It does sound like a hardware issue but without a full diagnostic it's hard to tell.

    One thing to try is to remove the hard drive and connect it to a working Windows PC. Once connected, you could carry out some diagnostics on it.


  • Issue persists even after replacing the CMOS battery.

    Recently, the laptop shuts down even before the BIOS screen comes up. I'm sure it is due to some hardware failure but not the HDD, as USB boot (without HDD connected) also failed.

    I have also tried

    * using the laptop in both battery backup and direct power modes

    * using another DDR3 memory from a different laptop and yet failed. RAM belonging to my DELL laptop worked fine in another laptop

    * disabling the WLAN card

    I'm sure issue is not due to over heating because, the issue cropped up even when I powered ON the laptop without using it for 2-3 days.

    To the DELL representative who responded to my email asking for my location, I'm located in Bangalore, India. Kindly share me the after warranty support contact number.

    Hope to see some solution or diagnostic steps to verify any hardware component failure.

  • As previously mentioned it's going to be difficult if you cannot perform a full diagnostic without the laptop shutting down. Possible mainboard replacement then?


  • Replacing the mother board is going to be a costly fix. I'm going to contact DELL service office to see if they can do a board level repair. If replacing the board is the only option, then sure I'm unwilling to replace a failure model board.

    It's rather surprising that none of the DELL support people are responding to this thread, which shows there is some known issue which they hesitate to admit.

  • Dell prices for mainboard repair are extortionate...about $380.  A third party vendor such as  offer this service for a flat fee of about $100

    A new Mainboard will cost between $180 ~ $200

    Of course this is presuming the mainboard is the problem. You could end up paying for something that isn't going to fix your issue. Are there any local repair shops you could take the laptop to for diagnosis at least?


  • Hi Devanathan,

    Since you have already attempted to run the diagnostics, removed a fair amount of dust from the system and changed the thermal paste with no success, there seems to be a hardware component failure. This could in all probability be the motherboard itself. 

     Being based in Bangalore, you can contact our Out of Warranty Support department in India for further support since the system is no longer in warranty. You can click on the link below for our Technical Support Phone numbers.

    Please reply if you have further queries.

    Thanks and regards,
    Babita S

    For easy access to drivers, manuals and product updates, please visit our Support Site .


  • Thanks Babita.

    But I know I won't get an answer from the service centre or the post warranty support for this issue. Having seen so many identical failures of Studio 1557/8 series laptops, shouldn't DELL fix the hardware issue free of cost to all the suffering customers instead of simply washing away hands by saying out of warranty??

    References for your view:

  • Hi Devanathan,

    Thank you for the reply.

    The links provided by you are for threads which date back to 2009-2010. BIOS version A04 version was released in 2010 to address the random shutdown issue with the Studio 1558 laptop.

    Most of the customers who had faced this issue back then were requested to update the BIOS in order to resolve the issue.

    I can imagine your frustration, but unfortunately, I would not be able to arrange for any part replacement since the system does not have an active warranty. Request you to contact our Expired Warranty Services to purchase/replace the compatible parts.

    Please click on this link for Dell Technical Support Phone numbers: 

    Thanks and regards,
    Babita S

    For easy access to drivers, manuals and product updates, please visit our Support Site .

  • I would certainly NOT suggest a BIOS update at this point if your system is randomly shutting down, even in the BIOS environment. You risk further problems and could ultimately brick your laptop. Do so at your own risk.


  • I do understand that those are old threads. Most of them updated to A04 and still saw the issue happening. They were expecting some DELL representatives to respond and finally gave up. I'm already running A12 version of BIOS, the latest.

    I'll surely visit DELL service and if the costs are going to be huge, I'm not ready to pay for a failure model again. It's bit hard to digest that a 60K rupees laptop didn't last beyond 3 years.

    Paul, I'm already on A12 version, so no point of rolling back the BIOS to A04. I won't dare to try that with the current state of laptop. Thanks for your help.

  • I too have a Studio 1558 purchased in July 2010.  It too is shutting down randomly. I have been following this thread and others to hopefully get a suggestion how to troubleshoot.  The question I'm having for Dell is knowing that this problem is definitely widespread especially for models that are 3-years old, have Dell fixed the problem in their other models?  I'm too like Devanthan, it's hard to purchase another Dell (which I have since 2010) knowing that this issue exist and definitely a widespread major problem;  If not on warranty, Dell is not accepting any responsibility.  With all the fixes that are recommended to do (which the average user does not know how to do), Dell is basically saying. "trust us again and by another Dell."  NOT. I will not recommend to another friend to purchase a Dell (which I have done over and over again;  I build the computers for them on Dell website).  I'm calling this a loss, but more importantly, I will not spend another dime with a company who does not recognize a need for a recall.  Customer service is key for repeat customers. You just lost over 10 repeat customers.


    Can anyone on this thread recommend a reliable computer for purchase that will last past 3-years? 


    Hope Coleman, Long-term Dell Customer

    Fredericksburg, Virginia

    <Admin Note:email address removed per privacy policy~RK>

  • @DELL-Babitha: Do you have any different reply now? Still there are customers facing the same issue. May be the 2009-2010 batch of Studio 15 series laptops have the same issue. There are 2 other people who have complained the same in the thread

    Or do you want us to accept that DELL laptop's life is just 3 years?

  • Hi DELL-Babitha,

    I bought my Dell Studio 1558 on June 2010 in India, After 3 years with Display replaced for blue vertical line within warranty period (at 2011) of the first year, replaced battery post warranty for 60$ (other brand) last year 2012, now the laptop shutdown and not starting up when I press the start button, eventually the fan starts and the whole system die in 2- 3 seconds(at Aug 28, 2013). Please suggest your solution (now I am in US).

    @Dev: FYI , My laptop age is 3 years too..