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Dell XPS 14Z key board not working

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The keyboard of my XPS 14Z  stopped responding today. I am able to type when using the on-screen keyboard, but no reaction whatsoever from the physical keyboard. Computer is quite new, nothing special happened. Thank you very much in advance for your help!



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  • Hi Catherine,

    I will be glad to help you. Request you to send me the system service tag via private message. I will check and see what best can be done.

    To send a private message, click on my user name and select start conversation.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Kiran Kumar
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  • Hi Kiran,

    Just saw this thread on google. I have exactly the same problem. 2 days back my keyboard was working fine perfectly and all of a sudden the laptop keyboard is not responding. The back lit is always on and all the buttons are OK ie none of them is pressed or in bad shape. I have tried booting the system as well but it doesnt recognise any key stroke. My laptop is Dell XPS 14z and service tag no is oxpcq3.


    Pls help. Thanks,