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Inspiron 15 3521 bluray/dvd drive

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im curious would a inspiron 15r drive fit in a inspiron 15 laptop? 

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  • Hello Proneto911,

    Both Inspiron 5520/15R and Inspiron 3521 were shipped with a tray-load DVD +/- RW 8X Optical Drive. These systems also comes with Cyberlink PowerDVD 9.5 for watching movies and Roxio Starter Edition to write CDs/DVDs.

    Inspiron 5520/ 5R was also shipped with the following optical drives:

    • BD-RE drive - Can read/write CD,DVD and Blu-ray Disks.
    • DVD+/-RW/BD-ROM drive - Can read/write CD,DVD. Can read Blu-ray Disks but can't write them.

    Where as, Inspiron 3521 was never tested with a Blu-Ray Drive. Hence, I would like to say that, if the physical dimension of both the optical drives are same, you may try installing the Blu-Ray into the Inspiron 3521. Please check in BIOS setup if the BD-RE gets detected. To enter BIOS setup, restart the computer and keep tapping F2 at the Dell logo screen. 

    **Note: Replacing these parts are based on user discretion and might void the warranty of the optical drive. 

    Thanks & Regards
    Allan D
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  • sorry for the delay in writing back. I did notice that when i was first configuring my laptop i had the option of getting a Blu-Ray drive. How can it not be tested when its on the order options?