Need to turn off feature of mouse pad


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Need to turn off feature of mouse pad

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My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 5520. It has a feature of the mouse pad wherein if I tap the pad surface, it performs an operation equivalent to a left-click. How do I turn this off?

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  • Hello Melab,

    If you want to disable the touch pad completely, Press <Fn> + <F3> to enable or disable the touchpad. An indicator LED lights up just above the touchpad once it has been disabled.


    • Click Start - Control Panel - Hardware and Sound.
    • Double click Dell Touch-pad and disable on the application window by clicking Touch-pad On/Off.

    In case you want to disable the tapping of the touch-pad, click tapping and uncheck the option which says "Tap to Click" and then Save and Exit. 

    Please try the steps and check the functionality.  Kindly write back if you have any further queries. 

    Thanks & Regards
    Allan D
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