screen turns off mid use


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screen turns off mid use

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My dell Xps screen randomly goes blank (black screen). I have to move the mouse, type or touch the keyboard for it to turn back on. But then it turns off seconds later. This happens about six or seven times in a matter of a few minutes and then theres no problems for the next couple of hours and then starts again. 

I have tried uninstalling the video and graphics card drivers and re installed them but it has not resolved the issue. 

I have also run diagnostics checks through the dell website and all tests have been successful.

Would appreciate some help with this.Thanks

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  • Hi,

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    Have you tried to run the built in diagnostics? Restart the computer on Dell logo keep tapping F12. Choose diagnostics and run test. See if it blacks out in diagnostics.

    If all test passed, see if it happens in safe mode, restart the computer on Dell, keep tapping F8. Choose safe mode and observe if screen goes out within this mode.

    Let me know of the results, regards.

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  • Hi Elijah

    Ran the built in diagnostics... passed all and didnt go blank

    Then started on safe mode... screen didnt go blank. Worked fine.

    Where to from here?


  • By any chance have you checked the power options under control panel. See the settings for the LCD screen?

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