Inspiron N7110 Won't Start/Crashes at "Starting Windows" Screen


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Inspiron N7110 Won't Start/Crashes at "Starting Windows" Screen

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Sometime ago, my laptop became infected by a trojan/agent and all though I had three or four maintenance programs pick it up, none of them could fully remove it, however I did find a program that could quarantine and then remove it whenever it attempted to do something, but it would come back...a lot. A week ago, I downloaded and ran Windows Defender Offline and it picked up the trojan and something involving Java that said it was extorting my computer. So naturally, I had Windows Defender remove both of them, especially since they both came up as severe threats. I was excited that I finally got rid of the trojan and was looking forward to having a healthy computer until I restarted it. It got to the Starting Windows screen and very quickly blue screened. Although, the blue screen is a blink and you miss it I have noticed that the code is (or at least looks like) the same code that was showing up when it would blue screen after it got to the desktop (0x0000000A, I said at least that's what it looks like and I have all those codes written down). Anyway, it restarted and took me to the Start up repair. I let it do it's thing and it once again restarted, but with no success. I repeated it many times, but with the same result so I went ahead and did some of the advance options for system recovery and support....nothing works. I can't get into any variation of safe mode, my system passes all diagnostics and tests, I tried the remove the battery and hold the power button thing, I used FN/Power to do that test....I'm out of ideas. I know that I can reinstall Windows but I really REALLY don't want to lose any of my data. If there was a way to back it up my files through the command prompt, I would definitely do it then. I have thought of taking it into Staples to see if they could fix it, but if there's something I can run from my CD/DVD drive as a boot scan along the lines of Windows Defender Offline that would be awesome.

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  • Hi,

    Welcome to the Community. Your computer is infected with a Trojan. Since it does not load into any safe mode options, the only way around this, would be to restore the system back to factory settings, or Manually reinstall windows. You will lose all your data.

    Thank you.

  • I apologize for the late reply...I had to come to terms with losing my stuff. I tried to do the PC restore from when I first bought the computer, but no success. And I don't have the Windows 7 disk (I can't remember if it came with one or not)

  • Hi CassieCat,

    Please send me a private message with the system service tag to check the system details.  Please click on my name and click Start Conversation to send me a private message.

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