Inspiron N5010 - not booting up


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Inspiron N5010 - not booting up

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For the past several days, when I've first opened my laptop there is only a blank screen.  The computer does not wake up even after I push the power button and the screen continues to be blank. The only way that I've gotten it to respond is by shutting off, unplugging, removing battery and then replacing battery and turning it back on again.  I've done this in different combinations. Do I need a new battery or is something else wrong?

TIA for any help.

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  • Hi tramar63,

    Battery seems to be normal; do you see any light activity when the system is blank? If there is a light activity, try connecting a known good monitor and check if the system is working? 

    If you manage to turn the system on, tap F12 during startup until you see the ‘One Time Boot Menu’.

    At the one time boot menu, press the down arrow key to highlight ‘Diagnostics’, and then press Enter to begin the hardware diagnostics.

    If the test fails, please make a note of any error codes listed. You can also refer to the link below.

     Let us know about the progress.

    Thanks and regards,
    Senthil S
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