I've seen similar forum strings on this in the past, but now have my own problem.

My laptop will no long turn on.  I've tried the tips on removing the battery and holding the power button for 10 to 30 seconds and then tried turning on with just the ac adapter, with just the battery, with both the battery and adapter.  Nothing.  Not a blink, not a flash, nothing.

Of course my warranty coverage expired 2 months ago.  I just set up for and paid for a Dell service order, where they'll send me a fedex box to send my laptop to them.  With tax this came to $192.   I don't mind paying the $192 to get it fixed, my concern is they said if it is motherboard problem, then it will be an additional $194 (over $208 with tax).  After reading some more posts I'm beginning to think it is a motherboard issue.

My question is what to you all think of spending $400 to fix my laptop.  Seems costly as I can buy a new one for $800 to $900.  What do you think?  I'll have to act quick if I want to suspend payment of $192 that was already charged.