DELL INSPIRON M5030, black screen and 7 beeps


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DELL INSPIRON M5030, black screen and 7 beeps

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Hi Community

I'm a DELL user for more than a year now and I'm having trouble with my DELL M5030. Whenever I open up my laptop it only gives me a black screen and 7 beeps. already checked memory and its working, thinking it it a memory issue. Also, I tried following some info in this community like powercycle the laptop by draining the battery and start it over. I really need help. Hopefully someone will give me instructions how to fix this issue. Thanks

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  • Hi ned_1130,

    7 beeps indicate issue with the processor. Please refer to the table below:

    BeepDescriptionFailure Coverage
    1 System Board Possible system board failure - BIOS ROM checksum Failure
    2 Memory No RAM detected
    3 System Board Possible system board failure - Chipset error
    4 Memory Memory Config/Size error/(Read/Write error)
    5 System Board Real Time Clock Failure
    6 Expansion Device Video card or chip failure
    7 Processor Processor Failure
    8 Video Display failure

    If the system is in warranty, send me the service tag ad name listed on the account in a private message so that I can help you.

    Thanks & Regards
    Manshu S

  • How can I send you a private message? I already add you as a friend. Looking forward for us to fix my laptop. Thanks in advance

  • my dell is doing same thing HELPME TOO JACK