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dell xps needs help badly! lol

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I'm trying to fix my dell xps since about a week. It's only 1 year old. I have recovery disk for the computer and we used the disc to recover and restore the computer to the day we first bought it. The reason for the restore was because windows wouldn't start up in safe mode or anything. Now the computer will work immediately after it is restored from the disk but as soon as the computer is shutdown.... windows won't start!!. Before we shutdown the computer we did virus scans using macfee and found no issues..

so to sum it all up as soon as the disk reformats the computer it works and can install things, do scans, access internet etc until it is shutdown or has to be restarted. then the same problem occurs again. any help greatly appreciated.

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  • Press F12 at powerup and boot to the Dell diagnostics.  Run an extended hard drive test.

  • I just figured out that it is the windows updates that are causing the problem or so it seems. I restored my computer using dell data safe backup once again and it always works fine then when I log into windows it'll say I have 96 windows updates. This time I chose not to install updates and restarted my computer and she started back up without any problem. I did this twice. But when I installed updates then it askes to restart for them to work the computer will not start. The screen stays blank.
  • They symptoms point to a bad hard drive - which is why you should run the extended diagnostics.