Inspiron 15z 5523 touch - wifi and touch screen problems


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Inspiron 15z 5523 touch - wifi and touch screen problems

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Have had my 15z 5523 touch for 1 month now. 

Two persistent issues:

1. The wifi disconnects (registers limited network connection) very often, especially when i don't touch the unit for a while, even when plugged in. The driver is uptodate and I've changed all setting to Max Performance in order to stop the computer from turning off the network adapter. This hasn't helped. If the network adapter gets disconnected/turned off, the only way to regain connection is to restart or hibernate/wake up.

2. The touch screen is active when the screen lid is closed. 90% of the time  i open the screen to find it either zoomed in or zoomed out. Dell doesn't seem to have a fix for this - i.e. the touch screen should turn off when the lid is closed. This is a big issue when carrying the computer around or watching on a mirrored monitor. 

Has anyone had these problems? Discovered any fixes?


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  • I am pretty much in the exact same boat. I bought my 15z a month ago, it has the exact same "Limited Connection" issues, and the darn touch screen receives input when the screen is closed! I have no fixes, but am probably going to call tech support for these problems. Anyone else having these issues (and maybe a fix)?
  • My computer does not have a touch screen; however, I have been severely frustrated by persistent, chronic difficulties with loss of connectivity.

    Tech support does not have any answers or a diagnosis.

    The drivers are current, a Dell tech replaced the wireless card, and I paid a non-Dell technician to make a hands-on attempt. 

    None of that made any difference.

  • I have the same problem with our two new Ultrabook 14Zs. Disconnects wifi, I run the troubleshoot and it says it can't find modem or wireless signal. But, when I look at the signal from the router, it is perfectly fine, great signal being received by laptop. I have to disconnect and reconnect every single time.

    I set the Ultrabook on the same table with my old Dell Inspiron laptop, my iPad, my iPhone and a 10 year old Dell laptop and they all have zero issues with wifi signal, while the Ultrabook drops the wifi every few minutes. Frustrating.

    One of the laptops has had the wireless card replaced and spent time at the Dell Center getting the hard drive fixed. No fix for the wifi, or the problem with blue screen while trying to run wireless HP printer.

    Bought these for my two kids in college and talked them out of Mac laptops. Boy, am I feeling like an idiot now.  

  • I'd like to throw my .02 in as well. Same problem with the wifi. I don't seem to have any touchscreen issues, though. The wifi is very irritating. It just happens randomly and when I check my other, numerous, wifi devices, they all work fine. What gives? I've only had the laptop for a week or so. Thinking about returning it already.

  • Same Problem for me !! is Dell going to fix that <ADMIN NOTE: Substitute character  removed as per TOU> ? First Dell laptop don't think I will buy again from them....

  • I have had my Dell Inspiron 15z touchscreen for just over a month.  The wifi connectivity is UNACCEPTABLE and needs to be addressed.  That has been since day 1 and happens constantly and by that I mean 10-15x daily I need to restart my computer.  The new issue in addition to this one has been the screen goes black and won't come back up.  Even closing, control/alt/delete, etc don't bring it up.  All of a sudden it will come back to life.  Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this issue.  Thinking of taking it back, I use it for work which is "demo"ing dental software.  I cannot afford either of these issues on a consistent basis.

    Any fixes?  Anyone else experiencing monitor going out but the computer still on?

  • Same issue here seems dell havenĀ“t sorted out the wireless networkcard issue that has been persistant since the release, can we please have an update on how to solve this issue?

  • Here is what i have been thru the last month: loss of connectivity with 3 diffrent answers mcafee update causes sometimes a loss of internet, solution download a fix from mcafee does not solve the issue. Windows update apperntley had some issues with the intel wifi card, answer update driver, no solution. Dell forums with a inconcisstant answers, make changes in device manager turn off sleep mode etc etc, no solution. So here is what i think this is a driver issue or a harware failure due to either the metal caseing or a driver issue between intel and dell, i have had my inspiron 15z at work connected it to our mainframe with ethernet cabel, no broblem at all, reinstalled the wifi card, no solution, had it running a loop ping towards a static ip adress with the same result occuring all the time loss of packages with an intervall of 5-10 minutes, so can we please have an answer Dell should we just return our laptops for a refund or do you have ANY idea what you are doing?

    Regards C4w3.

  • So, I started this post several months ago. With AT&T Uverse's wifi router, I got constant disconnects and could only re-connect with a re-start of my Inspiron 15z 5523 with Windows 8. Then i moved and had Verizon DSL, and actually had no problems with that wireless router. But then i moved again, got Verizon FiOS, and the disconnects began again.

    I finally got Dell technical support to look at the settings of my wifi card's driver, and it seems that among the switches they made worked.

    Here are the driver (Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230 driver version Advanced settings:

    802.11n channel width....:  Auto

    802.11n Mode: Disabled

    Ad Hoc Channel ...... 1

    Ad Hoc QoS.... WMM Disabled

    Bluetooth AMP: Disabled

    Fat Channel Intolerant:Disabled

    Mixed Mode Protection: CTS-to-self Enabled

    Roaming Aggressiveness: Highest

    Transmit Power: Highest

    Wake on Magic Packet: Enabled

    Wake on Pattern Match: Enabled

    Wireless Mode: 802.11b/g

  • I will try that as soon as i have a possibility thanks so much for your answer agroster1  hope you have a great day.

    Regards C4w3.

  • I posted on this thread forever ago.

    I recently switched from Comcast to U-Verse and haven't had a problem, but if it arises again I'll be sure to try this - thanks!

  • I have this same issue with my 13z ultrabook. Happens with my ISP router so I put a cisco router in front of it. It still happened. One day I saw a post somewhere about a new driver from Intel so I downloaded it and I had no more problems at all until a couple weeks ago. Lo and behold, it started again. I'm going to try changing the settings as mentioned above. Hopefully that will do the trick.

  • Just fyi, it looks like they turned off the n capabilities on the card. This will decrease the speed at which your wifi connects. This isn't an issue for most people but if you notice a decrease in speeds on your local network this is why.

  • That's exactly right. I tried it and it was slow. I've just resorted to using a small usb nic that works much better than the internal and is reliable. It's one of those "nano" size devices, so it's very small and stays out of the way.

  • Where is this information found and is there some where on dell support i can read about it?