XPS 10 Mobile Keyboard Dock


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XPS 10 Mobile Keyboard Dock

  • Hello, I need to know if "XPS 10 Mobile Keyboard Dock" item work fine to or is indicated to or is compatible to a new latitude 10 tablet?, thanks a lot...

  • Hi del_mgh,

    Unfortunately the Dell XPS 10 keyboard dock will not be compatible with the Latitude 10 as the Docking cable of XPS 10 will not fit into the docking port of Latitude 10.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Kiran K
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  • Hi Kiran, I've just bought a DELL XPS 10 and now the keyboard dock is not more available. So I've checked and found the Latitude 10 Table Docking Station but not sure if it is compatible with my XPS.

    Alternatively I'd like to ask what product I can buy to have a keyboard/mouse to connect the tablet