Dell xps 13 won't boot. Stuck after dell logo flashes up


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Dell xps 13 won't boot. Stuck after dell logo flashes up

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Hi. I have a dell xps 13. I purchased it in nov 2012 and it is running windows 8. It has been working perfectly until yesterday. When I turn it on the dell logo flashes up then it stops. I can see the f12 option in the bottom right and have managed to run diagnostics. It says there are no errors. It's like the laptop is running but I can't see anything on the screen. So frustrating. I tried to log a call but the dell site can't recofnise my service tag. Please help. Kaisha
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  • Hi Kaisha,

    It would be upsetting when the system is struck at the Dell logo. Please follow the steps provided below that can resolve the issue:

    ◦Restart the computer and tap on Dell logo .Disable ISRT in the BIOS setup menu by selecting SATA mode and changing it to AHCI. .Save the changes and reboot windows.
    ◦Reboot from windows and enter BIOS setup menu again to set SATA mode back to RAID.
    ◦Restart Windows again and follow the steps below to Enable Intel Smart Response technology
    ◦Launch Intel RST UI from system TrayStep
    ◦Click Accelerate icon on top of page then click "Disassociate”
    ◦Click on “Select Device” under “Accelerated device” as none.
    ◦Select HDD and Acceleration mode to "Enhanced mode"
    ◦HDD will now accelerate again.

    Also, Install the Microsoft update from the below mentioned link:

    On the above link click on “Update for Windows 8 for x64-based Systems (KB2756872)”

    Please let me know about the status of the issue.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Rajath N
    Dell Social Media and Community Professional
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  • I'm lost. I can hit f12 and open setup. From here I have SATA operation under the advanced tab but it is set to AHCI already. The only option to change it to is ATA.

    Please advise.

    Note I can't click on the dell logo as I don't have cursor active at the time.

  • Hi Kaisha,

    Thank you for your reply and for providing an update on the status.Does the laptop beep when you see the black screen? If yes then, please let me know the number of beeps that you hear.

    Awaiting your repsonse.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Rajath N
    Dell Social Media and Community Professional
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  • I am having this same issue.  No beeps.  Just stuck on a black screen that prompts me to F12 for Boot Options.  Help!

  • Started having the exact same problem today on my 1 month old XPS15.

    Have not tried the suggested solution yet...

    Today: tried the suggested solution and it works.

  • I spent two hours on the phone with Dell (and days have passed with no input on my post here)  Nothing worked, so their "solution" is for me to wait days to get a thumb-drive with a new OS for installing.  Ultrabook is only about 3 months old, and the day after it crashed I had a three day business trip--and I really could have used my computer!  This is clearly a known issue, so why aren't they shipping with the back up OS just in case?  This has made me determined to never buy a Dell again.

  • Hi Rajath,

    I have the same problem as  Kaisha has/had. I did check the BIOS options, and I have the same possibilities as Kaisha has (AHCI/ATA). To continue the discussion, my laptop does not beep at all when the black screen shows up. Also, I run the Pre-Boot System Assessment and it says that the system does not have (hardware) problems.

    Any suggestions?

  • Agapi J -  The bad news is I am more than two weeks into this with Dell and they have yet to fix my problem.  Many, many hours on the phone with both tech support and customer service.  TWO visits by technicians.  My tech guy says it's the bios that needs replacing, but they seem bent on not admitting that since it's an expensive fix.  

    Net-net, horrible customer service, long delay, and a 3-month old XPS13 Ultrabook that is still not working.

  • Hi Nikta,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Now I start losing my hope...I tried to repair and install a fresh version on my (also) 3-month old XPS13 Ultrabook, but nothing works, still the same situation. I am already desperate.

  • My laptop is still with the dell technicians. They replaced the fan but no luck. Replaced the hard drive no luck. They are currently waiting on a new motherboard.

  • They have sent two different technicians to try replacing my hard drive--even though my tech guy told them it was the motherboard--and they still have not even ordered the part for me.  It's like a game of making us call 5, 6 or 7 times, spend hours and hours on the phone with their tech support and "customer service," etc.  I really think they hope folks will just give up.  It's insane.  I gotta say, once this is resolved, I'm done with Dell--and I've been a 15+ year very loyal customer (and am a business owner who has staff on Dells).  Crazy way to do business.

  • I had the same problem. Dell XPS 13, had it since about November. Now and again when I started it the dell logo would flash up, but it would then hang and not load Windows. Just a backlit black screen. If I turned it off then on, it would then load Windows. Then one morning turning it off and on didn't bypass the issue, so I was stuck with that black screen.

    I called Dell to try and solve it. I could only get into the BIOS settings, and changing things in there didn't solve it. So I was told to take it to a service centre.

    Just got my laptop back from the service centre (after 5 business days) and it's now as good as new. The problem in my case was that the motherboard had failed and needed to be replaced. Everything else seems fine.

    Pretty disappointing for a new notebook to have a hardware failure so quickly, but I'm happy with the customer service.

  • Wow NSym, your experience is light-years better than mine has been.  Exact same problem, with the exact same build up to complete failure.   The difference is Dell has been jerking me around for nearly three weeks--and I still don't have a working computer.  As this was my work computer, I had to GO BUY ANOTHER COMPUTER, since I can't be without one for three weeks!

    And, there has never been an offer of taking it to a service center.  And wow--five days!!--that would have been fantastic.  I've had to endure probably about 10 calls, and am now waiting for my third technician visit.  And from the second call with them my tech guy told them it was the motherboard.

    They've spent more on calls and technician visits than they would have if they just would have fixed it from the beginning (clearly this computer has a problem--and clearly they know about it).  Or what they really should do for us, with our nearly brand new computers, is send out a replacement immediately, take back the old one, fix it and sell it as refurbished.  It would ultimately cost them less than all the time they've put against treating me badly.

    I am DONE WITH DELL--and am loudly proclaiming this to anyone who will listen, as well as all over social media.  Anyone who would buy from them knowing this is how they treat long-term customers should have their head examined.

  • Latest update I received is that the motherboards are out of stock with no ETA.

  • I am having the same issue but can't even get into the BIOS, so I'm out of luck.  My issue happened right after a Windows 8 update.  Something in that update caused my problem, since my laptop has worked flawlessly since I got it until the update.  I rebooted and nothing but the Dell logo and gray screen.  Nothing I do takes me into the BIOS so even though I have a flash drive with system on it, I can't boot to it.