Dell Inspiron n5050 Hard Drive not found/ No start up


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Dell Inspiron n5050 Hard Drive not found/ No start up

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Hello, I was wondering if any one could please help me. I will post as much information as possible.

When I start the computer up, During the Dell logo.  I hear some clicking or shifting that sounds like a CD is being read but there is nothing in the drive after that it goes to a black page where some letters come up. I ran the diagnostic test and it says it cannot find the hard drive. After the diagnostic test finish it says "no problem has been detected on the system and ask to continue with the test." After it is complete it says "All test have passed." Also under Bios page it appears to show (O gb) I'm assuming it inst appearing there neither., I would really appreciate the help. Thank you in advance to who ever helps.

Ps. I had to post this pictures like

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    Sorry, just did'nt know how to upload more pictures..

  • The hard drive is toast - you will need a new one.

  • @ejn63 Thank you.. I bought a new hard drive today by any chance would you know if I can get the recovery cds from the dell website in order to install windows when I put the new hard drive?