Laptop battery indicator keeps blinking yellow/white


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Laptop battery indicator keeps blinking yellow/white

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i have a dell xps 15 XPS 15 (L501x) inch i bought last year and i notice how the battery indicator blinks yellow a few times then on white.
i checked the battery status on windows 8 and it says "plugged in not charging" at 91%?
it never goes to 100% when its plugged in but at the same time doesnt decrease the battery power.
if i let the power go down to zero. i am able to charge it only up to 91% and then the battery indicator starts blinking white and yellow.
any advice?
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  • Hi jonneymendoza,

    I request you to check the Ac adapter status in the BIOS. To go to BIOS restart the system and at Dell logo keep taping the F2 key every two seconds.  In the BIOS screen check the status for the ‘Ac Adapter type’.
    Also I request you to flash BIOS by clicking on the link given below:

    Please connect the Ac adapter and make sure the Battery has minimum of 15% charge as this needs uninterrupted power supply. Please check if the battery charges 100% after flashing BIOS. 
    I also suggest you to run a test on the battery. Please click on the link to run diagnostics on the battery:

    Under ‘Choose a Diagnostic Type’ select ‘Component’, from the  listed components under ‘Make a Selection’  select ‘Battery’ and then click on ‘Run Diagnostics’. Follow on screen instruction to run the test and reply to this post with the status to assist you further.

    Thanks and Regards,
    DELL-Sujatha K
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  • Also check the Battery Status. Dell has a battery setting that preserves the battery by not allowing it to completely charge to 100%. That's use for laptops that are used primarily as desktop replacements and rarely used for mobile computing. It extends battery life. Right click on the battery icon in the lower right corner to see what options are available for your model.