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My Dell Inspiron n5110 beep 3 times and won't to turn on....

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today i reinstall the system of my laptop and after that, when i restarted the laptop they beeped 3 times every 3 to 4 seconds and won't to turn on. 

i have already tried

pushing power button for 30 seconds without connecting battery or charger
pushing power button for 30 times without connecting battery or charger  

but nothing help.

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    3 beeps on your laptop indicates motherboard failure.

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  • Hi Stickupkidz,

    I am replying on behalf of . I have sent you a private message. Please respond if you have any questions.

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    Appu S
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  • hello

    i think i have the same probleme as Stickupkidz . first problem that i have noticed to my dell was that it started to heat up wery fast

    and 3 days ago it went dead , didn't want to start normaly , asking to search for problems and to fix them if there are any. 

    i have reinstaled my operating system and everything was good. 

    after 2 days when i wanted to move it on the the tabel it went dead , i have started back the laptop but not on baterry and when i moved him again it went dead again. but this time it didn't want to start . it only starts to beep 3 times again and again . i forgot to mention that approximately a year and few monts i dropped the laptop from 1.50 meters but only the hinges were damaged . it worked good until now . i don't know what to do!! sorry for my writing . i hope u understand

    i need an answer as soon as possible u can


  • i still have warranty, but beacause i droped him i don't think they will help me.

  • Hi,

    Let's try the steps mentioned below:

    Drain the residual power from the laptop:

    • Disconnect any external peripherals (flash drives, printers, external hard drives) from the computer
    • Then remove the adapter
    • Remove the battery
    • Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds
    • Reconnect the battery and the adapter
    • Try to restart the computer and check

    I would also recommend you to run the diagnostics.

    To run ‘Dell Diagnostics’

    • Power off the computer
    • Restart the computer, press F12 on the Dell logo
    • Select ‘Diagnostics’ from the boot menu
    • Please refer to the link if any error code shows up

    Hope this helps. Please reply if you have any questions.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Appu S
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  • late start  and ac power

  • i having the same problem....i have to press my power buttons for about 10-15 times then it starts up

    i have also replaced my motherboard

    kindly give me some appropiate solution

  • I know that I am replying to an old post but I have the same issue with my wife's computer. I replaced the battery but from reading the other replies it looks like it may be the mother board. How and can I replace it? Or do I have to take it into a shop and have them do it. It is not under warranty. Thanks

  • You need to buy a new mother board. This is the only solution.

  • Can you help me with my laptop, I try to turn it on, the lights comes and clicks 3 time and then lights goes out and nothing

  • The mainboard (system board) needs to be replaced.

  • I just got it a Christmas, how can this happen

  • If it's a 5110 it's older than that - if it's a model that's was new last December, it's under warranty - call Dell and have the mainboard replaced under warranty.