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Water spill

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i accidentally spilled a very small amount of water on my new dell laptop touch pad.  I immediately wiped it off.  The laptop shut off immediately after that.  The fan started to run for about 20 min and now it does nothing.  it doesn't light up when plugged in, it doesn't turn on, it doesn't do anything.  I'm about to cry, someone please help!!  Thank you.  

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  • Hi,

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    I would suggest you to unplug the power cable, remove the battery and hold the power button for 20 seconds to discharge “Static Flea Power”. Perform a Pre Boot System Assessment (PSA Diagnostics). To launch PSA diagnostics, please press and hold “Fn” key while turning on the system. Hold it down until the diagnostic starts.

    You can refer to Dell Article 266787 on www.support.dell.com or click http://dell.to/oe1Qg1

    Plug in the power cable and turn on your computer.

    Please keep a note of the following things:

    1. Beep Codes
    2. Power button LED status

    Please make a note of the error code, if you get any.

    Thanks & Regards
    Manshu S