Dell XPS 12 Touch screen stop working when flipping screen


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Dell XPS 12 Touch screen stop working when flipping screen

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So I bought the XPS 12 a month ago, and it is fantastic! However, I have been experiencing a problem: 

When I flip the screen to go into tablet mode, after a short while, the touch stops working. The screen still shows what it's supposed to, but it won't register my fingers (or anyone elses...) 

I have seen another post about a similar problem at the forum (, but the solutions given (update BIOS, update chipset and video drivers, calibrating the touch screen) didn't solve my problem.

Are there any other solutions available, or is this a problem only I am experiencing?  



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  • Hi there, i got same problem.

    I just bought it, and touchscreen some times just doesnt work, i.e. freezes for 30 seconds or 1 min then working again, or i've to restart to get it work properly again. it's annoying. 

  • btw, the bois chipset, driver is the most updated ones too on mine .

  • I have noticed, as I encounter this problem only in "tablet-mode", if I flip the screen back into "laptop-mode", the touch function works perfectly again. I find that peculiar, since it may be supposed to be the other way round; the touch function should work when in tablet-mode, but may be turned off when in laptop-mode.  

  • It appears this is a design fault, because I am suffering the same blight.

  • Hi

    I received my XPS 12 on November 9th and immediately had issues with the touchscreen where it would just completely stop working. After 8 hours of technical support over the phone spanning two days,  they decided to send a technician out to replace the touchscreen.  The technician replaced the screen and the touchscreen hasn't worked since.  They created an exchange 2 weeks ago and it still hasn't shipped out.  

    I loved the machine for the few minutes it actually worked but this has been very frustrating experience.  

    Obviously there is some type of hardware flaw now that I see more people are reporting similar issues.

  • same issue here. just randomly stops working. just installed a fresh ver of win8 to to get all the dell preloaded stuff off but still having issue. any rep from dell have any info on this?

  • I am sorry to read that all of you are having this type of problem.  If you still require help please shoot me a private message.  Just click on the link in my signature and then choose start coversation.  In your message please include the service tag of your notebook and I will be happy to research service options.


  • I had my screen changed too, they tried twice with two difference technicians and both times the new screen did not work for touch screen.  The last technical gave up and left me with the issue and told me to reinstall windows to fix it but it didn't work.  I have already been rejected for a replacement even though this is a brand new laptop so I have requested to return the laptop instead.  Will hear back next week.  Cannot wait to get rid of this laptop now, as it has wasted so much of my time! on the phone, at work waiting hours for the technicians to fix the problem, who only come during work hours :( 

  • Terry B. -

    I sent you a PM. Thank you

  • Terry, I sent you a private message last month and still haven't heard back from you.

  • Microsoft has released a Win 8 hotfix that may help with the touch feature.  The hotfix may be downloaded from the following link.

    If you haven't already tried please give the hotfix a go and let me know if it helps.


  • same issue here. not applicable...

  • I've seen this issue 3 times now. The touchscreen just stops working. When I looked in the event logs, it looks like the system lost 3 sensors and was unable to access them at the same time, although I'm not sure which additional sensors they were.

    I've been having a number of issues with this laptop (shutdowns failing to complete being the big one, something I posted about some time ago and which has still not been resolved), and just noticed that my memory is running at only 1333Mhz and not the advertised 1600Mhz. Hopefully this stuff can be resolved with a software/BIOS fix, but I'm starting to feel less optimistic.

  • TB, this hotfix states that it is for a fast startup problem, which is not what I (and others) are experiencing. I can be using mine for quite some time and then all the sudden it stop taking any touch input. I have only been able to fix my issue by rebooting.

  • Engineering is aware of this thread and that they may be problems with the hotfix.  If you are having problems with the touchscreen not working on your XPS 12 and haven't sent me a private message please do so. For those that have sent me a private message I thank you and if I have not responded to you I am currently working on it and should do so shortly.