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Cursor problems - Inspiron N7110

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Cursor jumps all over the screen when I type. I have been trying self-help but it's not working.

Not sure if I downloaded the right drivers. How do I make sure?

 Cannot figure out how to disable the touchpad.How to do this if this works.

Can you provide expicit instructions if those are the right fix?

Any other ideas if that does not work.

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  • Hi Corinne,

    Erratic cursor movement may occur due to many possible reasons:
    - Corrupt or outdated touch pad drivers
    - Touch pad settings
    - Hardware issue with the touch pad

    Please try the following troubleshooting steps to see if that fixes the issue:

    1. Update Touch pad drivers from You may find the following steps useful:
    - Click to access the latest touch-pad drivers for your laptop (compatible with Windows 7/8 64 bit)
    - Click 'Get Driver' and download the file on 'Desktop Screen'
    - Right click the file and click 'Run as an administrator'
    - Follow through to finish the driver update

    2. If the issue persists, you may have to observe usage style or personalize the touch pad settings.
    One of the most common cause of random pointer movement is that the touch pad senses a finger or part of the hand near the surface of the device. You may use the touch pad normally but pay attention to the location of your hands and fingers. Are the hands straying too close to the touch pad? If not, please try personalizing the touch pad settings. Adjust the Touch Sensitivity and TouchCheck settings in the Touch Pad Settings section of the Dell Touchpad Properties. You may find the following steps useful:

    - Click 'Pearl' icon
    - Type 'mouse' in 'Search programs and files' text box and hit <Enter> (Following screen appears)
    - Click 'Touch pad settings'

    - Adjust 'Touchpad Sensitivity' and try disabling 'Touchcheck'
    - Click OK to save settings

    - Click 'Multi-finger touch'
    - Uncheck 'Enable 2-finger scrolling' and 'Pinch zoom' and save settings
    - Re-check the performance of the cursor

    3. If the issue persists, please try using an external USB mouse to see if the cursor is still moving randomly

    4. If the issue still persists, please check the touch pad for any mechanical problems. Press down on the palm rest on first the left side of the touch pad and then the right. See if the cursor starts moving on its own. If cursor does not move by itself, please run hardware diagnostics on the touch pad. Run  'Custom Test' on the laptop's 'Touch pad'. 'Custom Test' is an advanced diagnostic test and is capable of producing more reliable results. Follow the steps listed below to launch the touch pad custom test:
    - Power off the laptop (Ensure that AC Adapter cable is plugged in)
    - Power on the laptop and repeatedly tap <F12> key
    - Select option 'Diagnostics' (Use up and down arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate)
    - Tap <Enter>
    - Tap <Y> if color bars appear on screen during the diagnostics
    - Tap <No> to launch 32 bit Diagnostics (Following screen appears):

    - Press <Enter>
    When the Dell Diagnostics main menu appears, select the test you want to run
    - Select Custom Test (Refer to image below)
    - Click <+> sign besides 'Pointing Device' (Refer to image below)
    - Highlight 'Touch pad (Synaptics / Cypress)'
    - Place a tick mark in 'Interactive Tests Only'
    - Click 'Run Test'
    - Follow the on-screen instructions to check the functionality of touch pad

    Do reply with the findings. I would be glad to assist.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Saurabh A
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