Dell Inspiron 1545 shuts off randomly


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Dell Inspiron 1545 shuts off randomly

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I have had this issue for some time now. There is no dust within the fan/cooling area. If there is no solution to this annoying problem then I just have one question: Do I loose data? I suspect that this is overheating, but I have had days where it stays on much longer without an issue, and days where it shuts off after an hour of use. 

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  • Hi flandar,

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    Start by running the onboard hardware diagnostics (tap F12 on start  up,select Diagnostics).

    Also try to download and update the BIOS using the link below :

    Post back error code/message if any.

    Thank You

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  • msg: optical drive 0 spindle test failed

    error code: 0147

    msg error code: 2000-0147

  • You have a hard drive failure - you'll need a new, 2.5" 9.5 mm or slimmer SATA notebook hard drive.

  • I am afraid this is a optical drive failure error code.Does the optical drive on the system work fine?After getting this error code,did you let the system complete rest of the test?

    I am not sure if optical drive has got anything to do with the system randomly shutting down,however try removing and reseating the optical drive and run the same test one more time.

    For steps to remove  and replace (reseat) optical drive refer to this link below :

    Let me know if you get the same error.

    Note:Its always better to save all your important data/files on an external storage.Since the system is shutting down randomly and if the system stops booting,you may loose access to your data/files.

    Thank You

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  • I tested again. the optical drive passed the test, but I found a different error.

    Error code: 0142

    msg error code: 2000-0142

    Hard drive 0 test unsuccessful. Status: 71

  • Hi  flandar,

    Now Msg error code: 2000-0142 indicates HDD failure.Even if your system is booting to Windows it may stop booting to Windows very soon.So if system is still booting to Windows,back up all your important data  and replace the HDD.

    Here is a link with some of the compatible HDD for your system :

    Thank You

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