Vostro 3450 fan constantly working


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Vostro 3450 fan constantly working

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My vostro 3450 fan almost never stops. Always running in slow speed and constantly bursting to fast speeds. I have updated my BIOS to A11.

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  • Hi,

    Common causes for fan running constantly can be due to: An out of date BIOS, obstructions in the fan or vent area, physical damage, dust accumulation in the fan or vent area, usage while not on a flat surface or proper ventilation clearance, using near a heat source or in a hot environment. Fan speed can increase or decrease due to the temperature of the system. I would recommend you to perform the following steps in order which should fix the issue:

    1. Ensure if the BIOS is updated correctly to A11 or not. Boot your system in BIOS and check the version.
    2. Change the Power Plan. Try changing it to “Balanced”. Click on Start and look for Control Panel. Once you click on Control Panel,a window would pop up. In this window please look for power option. Please click on Power option and change the battery setting to “Minimum”.
    3. Check the air cooling vents and make sure that the passages are not clogged with lint and other stuff. Simply raising your laptop off any flat surface will allow fresh, cool air to come in from the intake on the bottom of the laptop. This solves many of the constant fan running issues you might have.

    If the issue still persists, run the Hardware Diagnostics. In order to run Dell Diagnostics from Hard Drive, follow the below mentioned step

    • Restart your computer.
    • When the DELL™ logo appears, tap <F12> immediately.
    • When the boot device list appears, highlight Boot to Utility Partition and press <Enter>.
    • When Dell Diagnostics Main Menu appears (see Dell Diagnostics Main Menu), select the extended test. If you get any error code, reply with the error code.

    You can even refer to the Article ID: 428053 on http://support.dell.com/

    Thanks & Regards
    Debbie B

  • My laptop is only 2 months old, so i don't thing anything is clogged yet. And when I wrote about the issue, I was using laptop on the table. I also ran Diagnostics utility fan test, they performed fine.

  • Hi,

    I am going to send you a private message and once you receive it, please provide the Service Tag and contact number, so that I may access to your system records. Please do not share your Service Tag in the open forum.

    Thanks & Regards
    Debbie B

  • Hello,

    My Vostro 3450 purchased 3 month ago shares a similar issue. My processor (i3-2350M) Idles at around 55C .. the very moment it reaches 60C fan kicks in at mostly constant 3700 RPM creating a ridiculously loud noise. When temps drop back to around 52-55C the fan stops. Under normal conditions I would say this is a right behavior .. but not when there's a 5C gap between hearing a jet sound in your apartment and silent home office. The delta of 5C is caused by pretty much anything, opening a new browser tab, opening a program or having iTunes play music.

    I have updated to A11 (came with A10 from the factory) BIOS and I still have this issue. The fan is not clogged and I have the laptop on the table surface.

    I had to bring the laptop to a Dell authorized service center the day after I bought it because the retailer I had purchased it from wouldn't let me return or exchange it. A Dell technician has replaced the palm rest because touchpad buttons were stuck and wireless card wasn't working.

    What can be done about it ? I don't feel like waiting another 2 weeks if its a warranty case  (and possibly having my HDD wiped because I have no access to it).

    Thank you in advance.

  • My protsessor also idles around 55C and fan kicks in after few degrees up.

  • I guess this needs to be addressed in the future BIOS update. I have seen a couple of complaints about this while browsing other discussion boards. So we are not alone and this is most definitely not a machine/user fault .. the value at which it kicks in must be hardcoded in the BIOS. According to HWiNFO64 our laptop uses DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensing) technology to monitor and control the temperature of CPU package.

  • Hi  DELL-Deb B,

    I have the same issue with laptop fan but for vostro 3560 dell even sent me replacement heat sink that did not help at all using bios A11,air condition room temp at 24 degrs,laptop placed on table,this issue does happen at odd timing. right from day one of use.Diagnostic test shows everything fine.some times 47-50 degrs  fan is within the rotating speed & some time even at 47-50 degrs with cpu utilization of 2% the fan is at max speed which causes lot of noise.

    Dell says its not known issue when so many customer already facing the issue,no fix yet from dell

  • My 3450 does the same. Computer sits idle and is placed on the table. Fan randomly turns on at full speed, even though computer is not used.  

  • You may have a look at the screen shot ,In both the cases screen shot the laptop was placed in the air condition room temp of 24degrs C.Even after heat sink had the same issue with the laptop..no fix yet form dell.as its considered as " NOT KNOWN ISSUE
    under Licence Windows 7

    When using the laptop suddenly the fan speeds at max speed as you see in the pic below.

    When using the laptop


  • Nothing changed as of BIOS A13, same behavior as described above.

    Absolutely ventilated room with temp at 20-22C - the fan kicks in at full speed even if the laptop is left idle with no software running... ridiculous.

  • As Dolnor already stated, this doesnt seem to be hardware issue. I have the same issues with the 15 R SE. At at certain temperature the fan speed increases rapidly from 2800 to around 3500-3900 rpm (although it`s not an abnormal speed. I think the fan can go up 5500 -5800 rpm max). It`s very likely the BIOs temperature tables have to adjusted.

    I think they used these settings, so that device never gets too hot. I noticed that my laptop never  is too hot at the bottom, not even after playing 5 h  a game which needs a lot of resources.

  • The main problem with Vostro 3450 is that it comes stock with a 7200RPM HDD, which heats up everything around it .. and especially the logic board, because heat dissipates upwards. If I start playing games, my touchpad becomes glitchy and uncomfortably hot to the touch. This issue alone is probably a mayor cause of the fan running constantly, because the boards heats up ad DTS kicks the fan ON.

    I have been contacted by 3 Dell representatives asking for service tag and contact data in early to mid October and I haven't herd anything from them ever since. The only way to stop this issue is to set the power profile to Power Saver, which essentially limits the CPU lock at some low frequency.. but that's not like I want my 6 month old machine to be.

    Any updates?

  • Hello?

    Do you ever plan on fixing this <ADMIN NOTE: Profane word removed as per TOU> ? I've had enough!

  • I purchase a Vostro 3560 20 days ago and the fan noise is driving me crazy!!

    pretty much it stays on all the time and when it stops (which is a great relief) only stops for 40 seconds.

    Even when the computer is idle.

  • prepare to deal with it then, nobody's doing anything to fix it.. even though staff people may ask you service tags and contact details - they aren't helping you in any way afterwards. even corporate office doesn't reply. i'm force to set my CPU max speed to 44% to get rid of the ridiculous fan noise.. but that's nonsens, why should I be limiting my CPU clock if it was designed to run at 2.3 GHz and now it only runs at 1.4GHz maximum ... temperatures stay at 47-55C mark all the time, which is perfectly acceptable.. but NOOOOO Dell has decided to play it safe and crank this stupid thing all the way even at 55C.