Dell Vostro 3750 touchpad - nightmare


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Dell Vostro 3750 touchpad - nightmare

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I rarely post on forums but I feel I have to join the growing people who are experiencing the same issues as myself. I've owned quite a few laptops before the Vostro 3750 and each one of them have had certain quirks. The quirks have always been considered minor enough to live with, that is until I got myself a Vostro 3750. I can say with out a doubt it's been the most frustrating experiencing of using a laptop. 

The touchpad is TERRIBLE. A lot of people have mentioned the over sensitivity and I concur with that. I've had to turn off the tap to click function which was a nightmare. I was continually deleting or moving files/folders and selecting items when I didn't want to. That somewhat helped with the frustration level turning it off. However, that's not the only issue with the touchpad. Sometimes it just stops moving or acts so sluggish that the cursor barely moves when being asked to by your finger. You have to wait an interval of time for it to wake up again and start responding as it should.  Has anyone else experienced an issue where no matter what direction you try to send you cursor it acts as though its on a vertical tram line? The other issue which adds to the overall bad experience when using the touchpad is frequently the left button double clicks when i've just clicked it once. I find the ole 'three finger salute" normally brings the functionality back.

The mouse function is an integral part of the everyday normal use of the laptop. It's not a 'quirk' you can live with. I can't believe Dell got it so wrong?? What type of QA was conducted, if any?

I'd like to add this nothing to do with my settings or the size/ shape number of my fingers. Having the latest and greatest driver also doesn't fix the solution. I read one post that no update of a driver will fix the issue with the touchpad as it's a hardware issue. I agree. 

I shouldn't have to hook up an external mouse to obtain trouble free mouse operation. 

I'd like to add apart from the touchpad the laptop is great, just really frustrating to use! It's very disappointing and especially so when you've spent almost a £1000 on it!


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  • Having same problem, and agree with what its written above, we have a brand new Vostro 3750, with i5 processor. 

    I have looked at number of forums regarding the issue which suggest re installing the drivers. Can somebody from Dell comment about this? Its obviously a known issue, and there are a number of conflicting suggestions about what to do.

    In our case the trackpad seems to start working properly again when not connected to a power supply. I will reinstall the drivers when I get the laptop in next and report back if that clears the issue. 

  • I just want to add that I have the same thing... when the power supply is unplugged it works fine. when the power supply is plugged in the trackpad is unuseably erratic.

  • Having the same problem but only with the AC adapter present. Have had this problem with many other laptops of various brands but only with 3rd party adapters. In this case with the Dell Vostro 3750 it is a 3rd party adapter. The originals caused no problems but the cheap replacements made the touchpad unusable. Seems nobody has a good explanation but it has to do with electrostatic buildup. Touch something on the notebook such as the network or usb port and the touchpad will work with some notebooks but not with my Dell Vostro. The only solution is try different adapters (get an original if you can) or use an external mouse.

  • Further to my previous post, I was using a 90W adapter of the PA-10 family (3rd party) which has the correct output and fits most Dell laptops. In fact it is being sold on Ebay for the Vostro 3750. Tried a genuine PA-10 with the same result. In amongst my box of adapters collected over the years I found a 130W adapter of the PA-4E family which looks more modern. I noticed that 130W adapters were being sold for the 3750 so I gave it a try. Guess what - the touchpad works perfectly. So it looks like the adapter model is critical for the correct operation of this notebook. Cheap alternatives, while giving the correct output, just don't allow the notebook to work correctly.

  • I have the original adaptor that came with my Dell Vostro 3750, and I still have the same problem of an unresponsive or chaotic touch-pad when using the adaptor. No such problem when the laptop isn't plugged in.