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Num Lock Key

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Is there a way to disable the num lk key on  Latitude D630 or at least have "off" be the default?

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  • hi 42crl,

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    In response to your question, there is an option to have the numlock to be OFF as default. we can achieve this from the system BIOS.Below are the steps for the same:

    Reboot your computer and as soon as you see the dell logo please tap the F2 key.

    Once you do that, you will be in the system BIOS, use the arrow keys to navigate to the " POST Behavior" option.

    Under the submenu select the option Numlock LED and hit ENTER.

    Now you will be able to select the default state of the numlock as OFF or ON. Select OFF and hit ESC and then save and exit.

    I have attached a picture below for reference.

    Please let me know if this helped you, or if you have any more questions.

    Thanks and regards,

    DELL-Mithun Kotian

    Dell Social Media Responder.