need XP drivers for Inspiron N5050


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need XP drivers for Inspiron N5050

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My brother has a Dell Inspiron N5050. He has a plotter that's a bit older, but doesn't want to part with it because of how much he invested in it. The N5050 has Win7, but the drivers wont work with his plotter.

He went ahead and installed Windows XP Pro SP3. The problem is now greater... driver issues for the following

- VGA Graphics
- Networkcontroller (Wifi)
- Sound Device

I found a workaround for the sound driver, although it appears another sound driver/device is not found (but sound works so it's not a high priority). However the big issue is No Wifi. The Ethernet port works.

The dell website for this laptop only indicates this as a Dell WLAN device of 1701, 1503, or 1501... I scowered the internet looking for this, and could find nothing.

The wifi driver is TOP priority... if anyone else has a solid XP driver for this type of laptop, please share your knowledge. Thank you!

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  • I found the driver at:

    It's not small at 116Mb, but it worked.

    Good luck


  • This did not work for my N5050 inspiron. Anyone else know of a generic XP driver alternative?

  • Look, I am writing to you from my DELL N5050 which is currently connected using Wireless.  I checked my driver and it indicated is:

    Broadcom, 29/10/2010 Version

    No doubt that is what you have installed AND it's not working?

    By the way - I needed to get my N5050 running because my previous Notebook crashed and I was on a contract.  It was very, very frustrating not having XP drivers to download.  The Wireless driver was the last thing I managed to get working!

    Respond to my email and I am sure we can get something working.  I'm having a problem getting the PC to come back from Standby mode!

    I have something written that I downloaded the driver from an Arabic site - but I never saved the web address.  I have the file located on my local drive.  Contact me by mail (by pressing the email button below and include you mail address.

    I cannot guarentee it, but there may be a mutual solution here.


    Alastair Newman

  • i tried to manually install the driver and it would not let me go thru.. this laptop appears to have 3 variations.. the 1701 (which you gave me the xp alternative)  1501 and the 1503.. but i have found these to be unsuccessful.. the email links below this forum are generic share links.. my email is <ADMIN NOTE: Email ID removed per privacy policy>

  • Hi domerdel,

    Welcome to the Community,

    Since Inspiron N5050 was only shipped with Windows 7,we don't have XP drivers for this system model.

    I was checking on this  and i found one driver for the wireless card.You can try to download it from the link below and see it works.


    Thank You


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  • Hello Roshan

    I have Dell N5050 model laptop and installed Windows Xp, I need only graphics driver for Windows Xp, Please provide me link which supports Xp platform in Dell N5050 laptop.

    waiting your response..


  • Hi  bmunjal,

    For Inspiron N5050 Dell does not have the Windows XP drivers,as system was not validated for using Windows XP.It was only shipped with Windows 7.

    However you can try the XP driver from Intel website from the link below:*&DownloadType=Drivers

    Thank You

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  • Hello

    I understand but i have installed wireless,  Lan, Card Reader Drivers but i am not able to install any compatible graphics driver. Can you please let me know the hardware for the graphics used in N5050 model laptop and which intel graphics driver should support by this laptop.


  • The basic video is Intel HD3000, built into the processor.

  • Did you try the driver from my previous post?

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  • I can confirm that the driver works perfectly. 

    Roshan, I posted a query some time back relating to hibernation mode.  When my Inspiron (running XP) is put into hibernation mode, it will not give me a display when it resumes.

    I have not installed any software to manage this and can only think that a Dell utility is not installed.  Have you any ideas?

  • Hi amjnewman,

    There is no such Dell utility which manages the hibernate or resume function.I would suggest you to uninstall and reinstall the video card driver.Also create a new Windows User account  and see if the problem persists on the new account too.

    Thank You

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  • hello

    Yes the graphics driver HD 3000 Worked at my Dell N5050. Can you please help me out for Bluetooth and camera drivers ?

    What hardwares used in n5050 and drivers for bluetooth and camera ?


  • Hi bmunjal,

    For Webcam try this driver  

    Hardware depends on what configuration you had chosen while ordering the system.Click on this link below and enter System Service tag to view the original system configuration:

    It should show you which wireless card/bluetooth card your system has and accordingly you need to find the correct driver.

    Hope this helps,

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  • This is the Bluetooth Driver detail off my computer

    Dell Wireless 1701 Bluetooth v3.0+H5

    Driver Provider: Broadcom

    Driver Date: 16/12/2010

    Driver Version:

    I think I downloaded it from

    It's about 116Mb

    The camera software is microsoft USB Device Driver

    Driver Provider: Microsoft

    Driver Date: 01/07/2001

    Driver Version: 5.1.2600.5512

    I cannot recall how I got my camera to work - I'll check and come back to you.