Dell XPS 1730. Screen randomly goes black, computer is still on.


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Dell XPS 1730. Screen randomly goes black, computer is still on.

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I have ran diagnostic (f12 on reboot)> nothing came up besides uptical drive but then it asked us if we could see the color bars across the screen, we could. Other wise diagnostic test came back with nothing.



I believe I have the XPS 1730.




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  • You have indicated that the computer screen goes blank randomly.  When it goes black, are you using the computer or has it been sitting there for a little while with no activity?  How do you get it to come back on?  Do you move the mouse or touch the keypad?

    If it has been sitting with no activity for a little while and then goes black and you are able to bring it back on with activity on the notebook, this is normal.  It is the power saving feature.  If this is an issue and you have to have it on all the time, you can adjust the power saving parameters.

    You really do not give much information to go on.

  • Hi Bay Wolf

    Sorry about that. The screen goes black mid use, literally if I'm in the middle of googling or opening another window the screen will go black and the only way to get it back on is to turn the power off and back on. 

    I've ran a full diagnostic, only thing that made the comp beep was some sort of error on optic drive but i could see all the flashing color bars. 

    I have left the computer idle (turned off all settings of "sleep" or "dim") and it had ran for hours but it seems maybe if I open multible browsers or "overwhelm" it, itll go black....

  • Sounds like you might have an issue with the video memory or drivers.  You try uninstalling the drivers and then reinstall them.  It might help. You should have the program to install the video driver on the resource CD.  Or you can download it from Dell's web site.

    Locate the Drivers and Downloads for your system by Clicking Here.

    If it is the video memory, the video card will have to be replaced.