Studio 15 touchpad scroll/ zoom feature not working


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Studio 15 touchpad scroll/ zoom feature not working

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Hi Guys, 

I have a Dell Studio 15 with windows 7. I've had it for about a year and a half now and it works fine, except recently I got a nasty virus and had to get it wiped. I guess in the process something happened to my touchpad driver. It still reacts to my moves the mouse with no problem, but now the scroll and pinch zoom features don't work. I tried to download a driver from the dell website, but it says "the driver was not installed successfully."

can anyone help?

Thanks for your time

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  • By wipe, I guess you had to reload Windows 7 manually.  You do not mention how this was performed.

    My guess is when you manually reinstalled Windows 7, you didn't install the touchpad driver.

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    If you didn't wipe out PC Restore, you could run this too.

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