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Inspiron N5040: how do I know what is in and which drivers/apps to install?

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Hi guys!

I just bought an Inspiron N5040.

I bought it in Germany and I do not speak German so I barely know what is in.

I did a clean install as first thing, but now I wonder:

1) do I have bluetooth?

2) do I have card reader?

3) which of the several wifi adapters in the drivers download list is mine?

4) what is really the quickset for? If it is just to have some quick access tool, I do not need it, but I read about backlight keyboard. I do not even know if I have one.


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  • Hi,

    Welcome to the Community. If you have just reinstalled windows, then check the below link on how to install drivers in the correct order.

    The Inspiron N5040 does go with bluetooth and a card reader. To know exactly what wireless driver you need, log on to, click on drivers and downloads, click on service tag and enter your service tag, all the drivers will show up for your system.

    You will need Dell Quickset for your function keys to work, eg FN + F2 turns on/off your wireless, Fn + Up arrow increases the brightness.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you