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My dell inspiron 1545 laptop shows error 'try reseat hard drive to resolve' error windows setup 'no device found' error. Please Help

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Hi, Everytime I powered on my laptop it shows me error on Dos prompt right after the dell logo screen.'Try reseat hard drive to resolve error' no bootable device found. I have already tried few times reseated my hard drive but no luck. Ive tried to install windows 7 ultimate 64bit using CD and with bootable flash drive but with either way it gives me error ' no device drivers found' right after selecting the language and terms and conditions and shows me no drive to proceed any further. I had the vista on my machine earlier. I looked in  BIOS general settings for primary hard drive it shows 'NONE'. Does that mean my hard drive is toast ? Please advice if this can be fixed or there is anyway I can fix this problem and install windows on it. Many Thanks in advance for your help

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  • waggy_7

    Does that mean my hard drive is toast ?

    Yes. It can be fixed with a NEW hard drive.

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  • I have the same error and replaced the hard drive.  It still sayong to reseat the drive. HELP

  • What was the outcome for you?  Did you have to install a new motherboard because maybe something was wrong with the connections on it for the drive?