Latitude D830 Won't Turn On


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Latitude D830 Won't Turn On

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My Latitude D830 won't turn on. I thought it might be the battery, bought a new one and it seemed to charge (the power indicator on the battery lights up 3 lights when pressed). It still will not turn on. I took the battery out to see if just the adaptor would work and still nothing - no lights at all. Help!

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  • Does the LED on the adapter come on before you plug in the notebook end?  If not, the adapter is bad;  replace it.  If the LED comes on, does it stay on when you plug in the notebook end?

  • I'm having a similar problem with my Latitude D830. My charger LED is green when I plug it into the wall, but turns off when I plug it into the computer. I'm assuming there's some problem with my laptop's power input. I wonder if it's somehow trying to drive current back into the charger, and that's what is causing the charger to stop working?

    Does anyone know what parts I might need replaced, or if there's some other possible fix? I'm fairly handy with computers, and would have no qualms about taking the laptop apart if there were a way for me to fix this.


  • When the LED on the adapter goes off upon connection to the system, the mainboard is bad.  If you choose to replace it, make sure you get an Intel-video board - NOT the nVidia one, which is unreliable.

  • If your D830 has the Nvidia GPU then the GPU may have failed.

    If all the lights flash aka caps num scroll then the ram is bad.

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