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Hello everyone!

I got this laptop Dell XPS 17 L702X yesterday and it had Windows 7 Home Premium so I formated everything and installed Windows 7 Professional as that was what I needed.

I've installed the Intel HD 3000 drivers and then the NVidia GT555 from the Dell Support site for this laptop and I've tried connecting the HDMI to a new screen from BenQ without success.

The external screen shows "No Signal". I've tried everything but when I tried uninstalling the Intel HD Drivers the screen switched between the screen laptop and the external one. And then back to the laptop.

Installing the drivers again does nothing for the connection and the external screen still shows "No Signal".

I've tried Fn + F1 that switches between duplicate, projector and some other modes and nothing works.

The external monitor does not appear in any of the NVidia or the Intel HD properties. The newest Intel HD drivers from the Intel site and not the Dell site do not install.

I've tried installing the newest NVidia drivers with success, more options appear at the configuration window now but no luck with the HDMI.

The external screen (BenQ GL2440) and the HDMI cable were working fine on the previous laptop so that's not the problem.

Please help me as I am really stuck with this!


Thank you in advance!


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  • Hi Loft,

    Welcome to the Community. To ensure that the display options appear correctly, connect the Monitor to the computer before you enable the display settings.

    Click Start-Control Panel-Apperance and Personalization, Under personalization click on Adjust Screen Resolution. The Display Properties window will appear. Click Advanced, click the tab for your video card, that was shipped with your system. In the display devices section, select the appropriate option for using either a single display or multiple displays, ensuring that the display settings are correct for your selection.

    The hot key to move from Monitor to laptop is Fn+F8.

    Hope this helps

    Thank you


  • I've similar problem, but with BenQ W600+ projector. Dell -> Benq incompability sems to be a problem. Please help us.

  • Just a thought here, but have you checked into weather you have that bad Intel chipset installed on your machine? Early January a lot of the higher end Laptops and some desktop computers received the (code name cougar point/ sandy bridge) chipset offered by Intel. Come to find out these chip sets were faulty and OEM manufactures of most affected computers worked with Intel to replace the MB (motherboards) on these affected systems.

    If you have a processor that was installed after Feb 2011  you should not be affected.

    However, in my situation, I didn't buy my XPS 17 directly from Dell. I bought from an online site. The original ship date on this computer does in fact correlate to when Intel's issue showed up in these machines.  

    It is only the OEM manufactures that are working with Intel to apply a correction to this situation, that being a new MB. So in my case since the machine I am using today... even though it is well beyond the April of 2011 suggest fix and recovery period, computers that have sat in storage facilities for online sites or even stores such as best buy or office max may have and be selling these affected machines without knowledge of them being bad. Thus the merchant is under no obligation to work with the consumer over this issue, it must be taken up with Dell themselves.

    If you have a Dell account (which you should have if you registered your machine) take a look at when the machine was "Originally" shipped. (unless you bought directly from dell Past mid Feb, then you should be okay).... if the Original ship date of said computer was prior to mid Feb, this may be your problem.

    The problem that end users will experience is exactly in re of your problem. The machine will become unstable when trying to use other Peripherals such as HDMI or other graphical components or even applications requiring the switch between the integrated graphics provided by Intel and the Nivida graphics card. The problem exists in the bridging of these two components. So if your HDMI slot is not functioning as it should be this is a good possibility as to why.

    Hope this helps.