How to reseat a hard drive in the inspiron 1440


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How to reseat a hard drive in the inspiron 1440

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I have an inspiron 1440 that is still under warranty. when I turn it on it says "internal hard disk drive not found. to resolve this issue, try to reseat the drive" I have removed the drive and re-inserted it but it isnt working. I still have 342 days left on my warranty did I buy a lemon?

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  • Not as such, but you do need to contact Dell for a replacement hard drive.


  • I just got the same message on my Inspiron 1440.

    I bought this computer about 6 months ago from a Best Buy. I am not really sure how to "reseat" the hard drive. I looked into it and see you need to open up the computer up.

    What should I do? 

  • At startup am having the error that says hard disk not found and to reseat the hard disk, etc, F1, F2, F5...when I run memory test it goes through ENTIRE Assessment Build 119, then it boots and works well for a while.  Seems to be doing it more frequently.  Any suggestions?