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dell inspiron 1764

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Hi everyone.  I was wondering if anyone can tell me if the Dell Inspiron 1764 laptops have built in bluetooth capability?  I have looked at different manuals, specs on the website, etc. and can't find a definitive answer.  Thanks for your help.

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  • It is optional at purchase time, so if you did not opt for it, you do not have it.


  • Hey ejn.  Thats just it.  I using the dell member purchase program and then customizing it.  At no point do I get an option to add bluetooth, although on the tech specs page it does say as you mentioned, optional bluetooth. 

  • I'm looking at the Inspiron1764 to buy from Dell site.

    But I can not see whether this has bluetooth or not.

    Can someone point me to the place to select Bluetooth option?


  • Let me know if someone responds, I never got an answer.

  • It doesn't look like it can be added at purchase, but you could always use a USB bluetooth adapter - they're inexpensive and many are so small they can be left attached all the time.

  • If you really have the urge to have an internal bluetooth adapter, the 1764 does support it.

    You can buy a refurb from dell's website for cheap: <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed / replaced from this post by Dell>, but the catch is you will need to open  your case.

    For instructions to do that here's the Dell provided service manual:

    Or, you can get a new one for about 40 bucks from Dell:

    If none of the links work, just go to the "parts and upgrades" page (linked under Laptops and Netbooks on main page), and use the "Dell System Analyzer," or just enter your service tag and look for "Networking and Wireless."  You will get a page that has the other wireless network card available for this system, and maybe a refurb bluetooth module some other things (it changes). If the bluetooth card does not show up, just click the refurb one and you will see similar products that are compatable with the Inspiron 1764.

    The card itself is insanely small and takes one screw to attach to the mainboard. If you want to visualize it, the area under the handrest to the left of the touchpad is where it goes, and is as big and wide as a normal size paper clip. When I got mine I got mad and thought they sent me a box with an empty static bag LOL.

    Please take caution when opening the laptop, and I cannot say anything about the warranties you have on your Inspiron. If you do decide to get the internal one then best of luck, but if you are afraid of possibly destroying something then get the external bluetooth adapter that you can get most anywhere for around 20 bucks and pops into a free usb slot.

    In short. the Inspiron 1764 does support an internal bluetooth card if you did not order the laptop with it installed. If you open the laptop you will see the open slot (if you're familiar with electronics then it looks like an empty tiny PIC socket).

    Have fun!

  • Hi, Thanks for the detailed info; but I haven't bought the laptop yet. So I can not refurb it, also I could not use the "System Analyzer" cause I don't have a service tag or anything.

    I understand that we can use an external usb adapter, but it does not fit to me. Also I do not want to open the laptop to add the internal adapter cause I need to keep my warranty.

    Even though Inspiron 1764 spec says, it supports Internal Bluetooth (optional); the web site does not let us add/select the Bluetooth option when we purchase it.

    I looked at the Studio 17, and it has the option to select Bluetooth at purchase time.

    So it seems I need to buy an Studio 17 rather than an Inspiron 17; if I need bluetooth internal. [:@

    Is there any way that I can purchase this Inspiron 17 with bluetooth?

    A bit confused Confused

  • The 1764 only supports bluetooth and wwan if ordered from the factory.

    The 1764's that are purchased through resellers such as Walmart, Staples, etc... do not support the bluetooth and/or wan modules as the pins / slots have been removed from the unit.  





  • Hi Thomas,

    I'm going to buy the above laptop, how can I add bluetooth to this one?



  • yes they do.not sure what the module # have to completely remove the pamrest area and there is a socket it screws to.a much cheaper and easier solution would be getting a mini pci e half height bluetooth/wifi combo card,easy to get to and install just by removing the acess panel on the bottom.