Dell Inspiron 1501 will not turn on


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Dell Inspiron 1501 will not turn on

  • This is in regard to a Inspiron 1501 laptop.  It is like 1 1/2 years old.  First time we have had a problem with it.


    We went off today and left the computer on and when we comeback it was locked up.  We pushed the button to turn it off because that was all we could do. 


    When it came back on the cap lock button is on and will not turn off and the scroll lock button is blinking and will not turn off.   Also the WiFi light isn't coming on at all.  But nothing on it will work.  The only thing I can get to work on it is the off and on button.  I've turned it off and turn back on several times.  No Help there.  Just a black screen. 


    The 3 lights on the top right side the first and 3rd are on.  Which are the 1st - one that comes on when you turn it on and blinks when in power mgt mode and 3d which is the batter charge status.


    I can't  imagine what happened to it.  Hope someone has some good suggestions.


    I really appreciate any help I can get.


    Thanks so much


  • My E1705 has suffered the same ill effects tonight,the MOBO has gone bad along with my video card.


    So i think it's time to replace your MOBO.

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  • I have a fairly new Dell Inspiron 17, used about 30 minutes per day. I come to turn it on; I press the "on" button-Nothing happens! I am pissed! So I try everything I know-nothing. Take it to Geek Squad-the tech pulls the battery out presses to "on" button to "drain" the stored energy, put the battery back in and it started right up! WHY!?? He had no explanation other than shit happens! Now it is occuring more often and I have to keep doing the same thing to start it up-not cool for a $800 puter!!