DELL XPS M1530 Webcam Questions


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DELL XPS M1530 Webcam Questions

  • I have a new DELL XPS M1530. I've just bought it on last May.
    Intel T9300
    4GB DDR2 RAM
    200GB 7200rpm
    GeForce NVIDIA8600M GT
    2MP Webcam

    1. Before I bought the laptop, I have tried the WEBCAM at the DELL Store at the same XPS M1530 display, the motion was fast and not blurr when I tried to wave my hand at the camera. I test it with a few resolutions, 1600x1200, 1280x1024, 800x600, 640x480.
    But when I tried mine, the motion is slower and blur when I tried to wave my hands at the camera compared to the one at the DELL Store.
    What is wrong?
    Is there any settings I must change to get it good? Or is there any calibration settings to set the webcam?
    Or is this problem with the hardware or software or what?

    I don't think the resolution is a problem because yesterday I went to DELL Store and tried the camera on the same type which is the XPS M1530 camera and it was OK at any resolution. At first I also thought the same thing as you did.

    2. When I have a Skype phone, I also use the DELL Webcam manager application to test the picture( NOT video call ). But when I tried it, the phone was little bit interrupted.
    What should I do? I have got high specs! They should be more than enough to handle those processes, right?


    Please give me the solution.


    Thank you very much.

  • I have the same complaint.


    I have a XPS M1530 LED LCD display (1440 x 900)


    I can't get above 8 frames per second with the built-n web cam.  It doesn't matter what resolution I set it to and I am inclined to think it's a junk built-in camera.

  • But I have tried M1330 and M1530 at the DELL Store and they were fine.


    What can we say about this?


    Is there any settings to calibrate / to change the fps?


    Btw, does the screen resolution / LCD panel 1440x990 or 1680x1050 affecting the Webcam performance?


    Mine is 1680x1050.


    Is it possible if we claim to DELL and have the webcam replaced?

    I just don't like that they should open the LCD panel and I am afraid that it will get the LCD panel into problem.


    Any solution? 


    Thank you

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  • I had the same problem and did not find an answer in the Dell Community. 

    But I think I've figured out the problem, at least on my M1530.

    In better lighting situations, the integrated webcam goes to 30 fps.

    Think of a typical camera. In poor lighting to get the correct exposure, if you can't open the aperature, the shutter speed has to slow down.

    I think the integrated camera has a very small aperature, so in darker rooms the frame rate has to slow down in order to receive enough light.

    When I moved my laptop to a brightly lit room, the frame rate jumped to 30 and my Skype video was smooth and stutter free.

    I wish I had thought of this before trying to reload all the drivers and such.

    Hope this helps!

  • Barbarian89 is on the mark. I had the same problem, and lighting was the issue. I purchased an external camera and get very good results with the same lighting that the M1530 can't handle. It's easier than bringing in floodlights!!!

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