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headphones not working

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i just got a new Inspiron 17R and I am finding that when i plug my headphones in it is kind of a crapshoot on whether the sound is going to play through them.  I always get a little message saying that i have plugged in something in the audio jack but most of the time they aren't being registered.  I even tried setting the playback as the headphones but I doesn't even give me the option of the headphones, it's like they don't even exist.  Like i said sometimes they work  but most of the time the sound just plays through the speakers at a decreased volume.  Im not pleased this is happening because this is a new computer, what can I do to fix this problem for good?

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  • Hello. The Inspiron 17R models are: Inspiron 5721, 5720, 5737, N7110, SE 7720. If yours is the 5721 model the information below might apply to you.

    A  current audio driver Realtek A03 is buggy --seems to fail to sense headphones plugged in the jack after a restart. The previous version works okay, Realtek

    This affects these Inspiron models: 15 3521, 15R 5521, 17 3721, 17R 5721, and also Vostro 2521

    To install the older driver first remove the current one. Open the Device Manager and expand the Sounds Controllers section. Right click on the Realtek and select to uninstall. Put a check mark in the option to delete the files, and then ok. When you reboot, Windows will either install its own native driver or a Realtek driver if there were any other versions on the hard drive. So go back to the Device Manager and check for a Realtek driver. Keep uninstalling & rebooting until Realtek no longer appears under Sound Controllers.  When you see "High Definition Audio Device" (the native driver) in place of "Realtek", download and install the older Realtek driver.

    Jim Coates -- senior forum member