Trying to record on my Inspiron 15 3521


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Trying to record on my Inspiron 15 3521

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I'm trying to record from a phono player (vinyl) onto my Inspiron 15 3521. I've read previous threads and bought a 'headset buddy' to convert from a standard 3.5mm stereo jack to the Dell's combination socket. However, I still can't get it to work. I notice a funny thing, though - if I set the device so I can hear it through the headphones (plugged into the other half of the headset buddy), when I plug in the jack (either end) I get about 1  - 2 secs of the music, and then it quickly fades out. I can then hear what's being picked up by the laptop's built-in mic. Shouldn't this be automatically turned off when anything is plugged into the jack socket?

I've tried altering the recording and playback levels, and the combo socket is the only listed recording device.

Any suggestions?


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  • Hi Alan,

    Definitely the internal mic should stop recording when something is plugged into the jack. To determine if the jack is faulty, please try connecting a normal mic to the jack and try recording and observe if the same issue occurs.

    Moreover, I came across this article on how to record Vinyl Records into a Computer:

    Guide to Recording Vinyl Records into a Computer

    I think you will need proper setup to begin recording.

    Please do write back to us.

    Thanks & Regards
    Zohaib R
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  • I don't think you will be able to plug a phono player. The signals for it are weaker.

    I remember when I was purchasing an integrated amp that I needed to buy a special phono input if I wanted to connect a phonograph player.

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  • Thanks for the response.

    Surely a 'normal' mic wouldn't work anyway because of the 4-way socket? Isn't that why I needed a 'headset buddy'? Or did you mean a proper headset, with mic and headphones (which I haven't got)?


  • Sorry, when I said I'm connecting to a phono player I meant through a hifi amplifier. I use the phones output from the amp, which has worked before (on different computers).

  • rolfea
    I'm trying to record from a phono player (vinyl) onto my Inspiron 15 3521.

    Hello Alan.  A lot of confusion in this thread. I don't think the other repliers know that the Inspiron 3521 has a combo jack. Even though you have a Headset Buddy, you still cannot use the combo jack as a line-in jack. The combo jacks in Dell laptops are capable of only mono mic input, regardless of adapter.

    For your purpose you need to use a usb audio adapter that has a line-in jack.

    [Edited 9-26-13]

    Jim Coates -- senior forum member

  • Jim

    Thanks for the advice. Yes, I think that's what I need. Presumably I need one that definitely specifies line-in stereo input, rather than just a mic input. The Griffin ones look suitable, although they are about £20. Any cheaper ones you can recommend?


  • Hello Alan. I am sorry that my reply is several days late. For some reason I have not been receiving all of my e-mail notices from the forum this week.

    I agree that the product should specify line in. Unfortunately I don't know of a cheaper one.

    My laptop is a Latitude E5420 that also has a combo jack. I think it's a bad trend but I guess Dell saves a penny or two by using those things. I use an old Sound Blaster usb card from years ago and although it is only usb 1.1 it gets the job done.

    Jim Coates -- senior forum member