Dell Inspiron 5520 Speakers Not Working Headphones Do Work.


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Dell Inspiron 5520 Speakers Not Working Headphones Do Work.

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I recently purchased Dell Inspiron 5520 Model. It's got Windows 8 Pro installed on it. But the speakers don't play. When I plug in the headphones they do work. I do think that I have installed the recommended audio drivers from dell website.

Please Find me some solution. I'm attaching some screenshots which i think might help.

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  • Hello. I can't quite tell from the screen shots which is the default playback device. On the Playback tab of the Sound properties make sure that the Conexant speakers are set as the default Playback device. If they are set as a Communication device change that to Playback device. Make sure that HDMI audio is not the default Playback device. I don't have a good screen shot but it is something like this if you can make it out:

    If that doesn't help then try re-installing the Conexant audio driver again. Re-installing it will reset its configuration settings to their normal defaults which would have the audio going to the speakers.

    If none of this works you could have a hardware defect that can happen to laptops with HD audio.

    Jim Coates -- senior forum member

  • There is a possibility that you have the hardware issue described in section 1 of the Headphone Jack FAQ.

    Note that the article mentions Dell (32 bit) Diagnostics audio tests. Your model might not have that particular test. Without it, it is difficult to diagnose -- it becomes mostly a matter of elimination. You try everything else and if nothing else helps then this is it.

    Jim Coates -- senior forum member

  • Sir the problem is solved. Actually the speaker wasn't connected to mother board hence no response.

    Sir I need your help again.

    Can you tell me which driver i need to install in order to get my wifi and bluetooth working ??

    model: Inspiron 15R 5520


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  • Glad that the speaker problem was fixed. For bluetooth connection problems I suggest that you post on the Networking discussion board where they might be able to help you sort out those kind of problems.

    Jim Coates -- senior forum member

  • I have the same problem my headphones work but speaker does not can you explain how your problem got solved?



  • While you are awaiting a response from SahilDS, I will just point out that he said the speaker was not connected to the motherboard. In a situation like that, the owner can get Dell to perform the repair or the owner himself can connect the speaker cable to the motherboard. There are service manuals available for downloading for each laptop model. The manuals show where the connection is and how to dis-assemble the laptop. However it is better to let Dell do it if still under warranty.

    Jim Coates -- senior forum member

  • Hi Sahil,

    I am also facing a problem similar to what you faced some months ago. I think the connection of the speaker to motherboard is not proper. Can you tell me how to connect the speaker to the motherboard step by step? That is , can you tell how to dissemble the motherboard and make a connection between these two?


  • VenkateshMD
    I think the connection of the speaker to motherboard is not proper.

    Hello. While you are awaiting a response from SahilDS you should run the following test which will help you determine if the speakers might be disconnected. If you run this test and you do hear the beeps or tones, the speakers are NOT disconnected.

     Run the PSA or ePSA tests:
    1. Re-start the computer.
    2. Immediately at the Dell logo screen, start tapping the <F12> key until the One Time Boot menu appears (if the computer boots to Windows turn the computer off and try again).
    3. At the One Time Boot menu, press the <down arrow> key to highlight Diagnostics, then press the <Enter> key.

    Look for a "Perform Quick Audio Check" button on the bottom right side of the ePSA main menu screen. Press the button and check if you can hear the beep tones from the speakers.

    If you do not have the "Perform Quick Audio Check" button then do this. Start the PSA tests and when it performs the color test it will ask you if you see the color bars on the screen. Deliberately fail the test by answering no (press the "n" key) instead of yes. When you do that the PSA test will emit a series of beeps. Listen for the beeps.

    If you don't hear the beep tones that means that the speakers have become disconnected or have failed.
    If you do hear the tones that means that the speakers are working and are connected. In that case probably the reason that audio is not coming through them is that the sensing circuitry in the headphone jack has failed. When that happens it prevents audio from being switched from the jack to the speakers. When that happens then the headphone jack needs replacing, not the speakers.

    Can you tell me how to connect the speaker to the motherboard step by step?

    If you tell me the full model name of your laptop (Inspiron 5520?) then I will post a link to your Service Manual. The manual has step by step instructions for disassembling the laptop and shows you exactly where the speakers are connected to the motherboard. When you locate the cable you simply unplug it and then plug it in again (re-seat it) to fix a loose connection. But if you hear the beeps or tones in the tests you do not have to do that.

    Jim Coates -- senior forum member

  • Hello Jimco,

    Thanks a lot for pointing out the diagnostics test. I was not knowing this. I ran the test as per your instructions and I could hear the beeps in both cases- when quick audio check was performed and when color test was failed deliberately. This implies, as you said, that my headphone jack has failed and I believe that there are good reasons for it. Actually, silicone balls packet got torn off from my hand and a silicone ball went inside into the audio jack. The silicone ball is oval in shape and fits exactly the dia of audio jack. Initially I tried to remove it with pin and later I tried to remove it by small screwdriver 1-2 times. I think that might have damaged it. In such a case what solution do you suggest? Do I have to buy a new audio jack and how to fix them inside the laptop? Where can I get the dell spare parts? My dell laptop model is Inspiron 15R 5537. If you need more details, then pls do get in touch.

    Thanks again. 

  • Hello Jimco,

    There is a development in the status which I would like to tell you. I plugged in headphones. The headphone could go only 2/3rd to 3/4th inside the audio slot. But the good thing is I am able to hear clearly. There is no disturbance. This makes me to conclude that when silicone ball is stuck inside and not headphone, the computer thinks that the headphones are still plugged and hence the speakers do not get activated. Thus the slots are working fine and have not failed. Now the question that remains is is there any way to take out that silicone ball? Opening the laptop and then working on motherboard may not be that effective since the audio slot is closed from behind also. Am I correct in saying this? What do you suggest?


  • VenkateshMD
    silicone balls packet got torn off from my hand and a silicone ball went inside into the audio jack. The silicone ball is oval in shape and fits exactly the dia of audio jack.

    That is one of the oddest accidents I have heard of. The standard Dell warranty does not cover accidents but perhaps you purchased an upgraded warranty that does cover them? Also some credit cards cover accidental damage if an item was purchased with the card. If not, a jeweler might be able to remove the ball using miniature tools. I think you are right in saying that you cannot get into the jack from the rear.

    To get the service manual go to the documentation page and click on "Owner's Manual" -- it is actually the service manual. It will be displayed in your browser but in order to see it correctly you should open it with Adobe Reader. As best as I can tell from looking at the diagrams in the manual, the audio jack appears to be permanently attached to the motherboard -- not a replaceable part. That means that if you ever decide to replace the jack you might have to replace the motherboard.

    Jim Coates -- senior forum member

  • I called Dell technical support and they told me that accidental damage is not covered under the current warranty. They also told me that if I decide to change the jack, the whole motherboard would have to be replaced. So I think I better go to a jewellery shop where I can get this ball out.

    Thanks for all the suggestion you have given.

    Venkatesh M D