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Alienware M17xR4 No Mic!

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I tried everything, and the mic doesn't work. Does it have a build-in Microphone?

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  • The M17xR4 does have mics built in into the display bezel , one on each side of the camera. They are part of the camera. If you open the Sound properties but don't see an option for microphone array on the Recording tab, then right click on a blank area of the tab and look for it under disabled or disconnected devices and enable it if you find it there. I don't have a screen shot for an Alienware model with Creative Labs audio like yours (and you should have your SoundBlaster Recon audio driver installed), but here is one of a Dell laptop with IDT audio.

    Alienware uses software like the Command Center and others that I am unfamiliar with. You might ask on the Alienware Club area of this forum for advice, as they understand their special software.

    Another thing to take into consideration is that the cable can come loose from the mic, so sometimes it is a hardware problem.

    Jim Coates -- senior forum member