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IDT High Def CODEC error

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Hi, I have an inspiron 1501 which became corrupted. I got the computer second hand so I don't have the original recovery and drivers discs. A tech minded friend of mine fixed the corruption issues by basically wiping the hard drive at which point he instaled XP proffesional x64 edition. The computer works well now but I have no audio. I've tried and tried but I keep getting the same error code (code 10) when I try to re-install the audio driver. I've found this to be a common problem..... has anyone found a solution? Help!

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  • Hello. The Inspiron 1501 uses a Sigmatel audio driver, not IDT, so that might be the problem, although a code 10 error often means there is a hardware failure.

    Here is the procedure after an OS installation. Go to the 1501 downloads page.
    a. Install Dell Notebook System Software (click the + sign next to System Utilities). Restart.

    b. Next install the AMD Processor Driver driver (click the + sign next to Chipset). Restart.

    c. Install the SMBus/chipset driver (click the + sign next to Chipset). Restart.

    d. See which Service Pack you have. If it is not SP3, go to and get the UAA hotfix. Install it and restart the computer.

    e. Finally install the Sigmatel audio driver (click the + sign next to Audio). Restart.

    If there is still a problem with the installation at this point check in the Device Manager for a "PCI Device" with a yellow question mark next to it, under the "System Devices" grouping. Hit 'update driver' on that one, and browse to the Sigmatel driver where you unzipped it on the hard driver (c:\Dell\drivers\R171789\WDM).

    If you still get a code 10 there might be something wrong with the hardware. If the audio chip is dead the driver usually will not install.

    Jim Coates -- senior forum member