Problem with integrated webcam and microphone on my Dell Inspiron 1525


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Problem with integrated webcam and microphone on my Dell Inspiron 1525

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I have seen almost the same problem elsewhere on this very forum, but the solutions have not worked for me.
I installed drivers for the webcam, both from Dell's support sites, and from the disk that came with the computer, but nothing have worked yet.
My sister used this computer before, and she both uninstalled and installed the cam, but now I can't get it to work.
I have both Dell Webcam Central, Manager and Center, but nothing works. I even tried the usb-solution, but that worked not either.

The same thing with my mic. I installed driver, but it did not work.

Can anyone please help me? 

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  • You have probably already seen my reply elsewhere. It is to take a look at What is the Integrated Webcam and Digital Array Microphone. At the bottom of that page there is a link to a troubleshooting wizard named "Problem with the Integrated Web Camera" Wizard ID 297119. You will be asked to submit the model name of your computer and its operating system, then you can select the type of problems you are having. This wizard is a good place to start diagnosing your problem and it will walk you through all of the steps to configure the camera & mic array. It will show you how to run the Dell Diagnostics tests on the webcam to find out if the hardware has failed and where to get help if it has. It has the details of the several pieces of software to reinstall if the hardware is okay.

    Jim Coates -- senior forum member

  • Thank you very much for your reply!
    Unfortunatley nothing of what was mentioned there made my webcam work, but there came something good out of it. You see i got the integrated mic to work.
    However, skype (not my computer or the software) have found the cam, but says that it can't send in the right format. I find it quite strange that Dell webcam center and webcam central denies that i have a cam.

    I have kind of given up, but if you have another tip, I would be happy.

    - Ommund

  • Posted by forum member trvr

    As reported elsewhere on this forum, this problem is almost always solved by plugging in (or unplugging and plugging in again) a USB function such as a mouse, as if by magic the webcam appears (as long as the webcam central window is open).

    Jim Coates -- senior forum member

  • Hi Jim, 

    I'm having the same exact problem.  I tried following the link you suggested in your first post, and I'm getting the message that the browser can't connect to  I tried Chrom and IE.  Any suggestions? 

  • Sorry but the link to the Troubleshooting Wizard has been broken for at least a couple of weeks. There are some other broken kinks too. It's like Dell's infrastructure is deteriorating.

    Here is something else you can look at but not as good.

    Jim Coates -- senior forum member