Dell Inspiron 15 microphone does not work


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Dell Inspiron 15 microphone does not work

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I think there is a combo webcam microphone built-in.  The microphone will not work.  I have checked all the settings - everything is turned on, volume is up - have rebooted, checked drivers, etc. etc.  No luck whatsoever.

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  • Hello.Re-install your audio driver. Next, go to the Recording tab of the Sound properties -- right click on the audio icon on the taskbar (path will be different if you have Win8)

    and then right click on the blank white area and in the context menu select to show both "disconnected" and "disabled" devices.

    If "microphone array" or "internal mic" shows up then select it as the default recording device.

    If you still don't get "mic array" then open the Dell Webcam Central program that should be on your computer and click on the mic icon (it is hard to see -- look to the right of the camera icon) and see if you can start the mic array from there. Note that if Webcam Central says "Plug in a supported device" then either you don't have a webcam or it is not working.

    If still no luck then the mic array might have become disconnected. Contact tech support to schedule a repair if you are under warranty.

    If you need more help then please reply back with your full model name and the name of your operating system.

    The Dell "15" models are: Inspiron 1545, 1546, 1564, M5010, N5010, M5030, N5030, N5040, N5050, 3520, 3521, 3537, and 7537.

    Jim Coates -- senior forum member