How to setup Dell Inspiron 7720 such that the mSATA speed is SATA 600 rather than SATA 300

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How to setup Dell Inspiron 7720 such that the mSATA speed is SATA 600 rather than SATA 300

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Hi, I have just added a Crucial_CT240M500SSD3 mSATA to my Dell 7720 and it's only running at SATA 300 speed. How do I change this to SATA 600?

I have the A15 BIOS and am using W7 x64 Ultimate with the RST V12.8.0.1016 drivers.. The other drives are as below.

[Common Storage Management] <- SIV64X - System Information Viewer V4.42 Beta-22 RIB::ray

SIV64X - Common Storage Management Configuration on \\RIB - Windows 7 x64 Ultimate  V6.01  Build 7601  Service Pack 1

RAID Sets 0, Maximum Drives 3           RAID Type  \Device\RaidPort0                               Drive       CSMI  Physical SCSI  SCSI0:
 Class HBA - SATA HBA  BIOS NA                      Intel Rapid Storage Technology                 State      V0.76  V12.08.0.1016  iaStorA

 Samsung SSD 840 (S19MNSAD630067Y)      SATA 600    R0.0:         18 07:00:00 (152)  37°C    232.89GB  #0 End Device  [SATA 600]
 Seagate ST9250827AS (5RG73A0Z)         SATA 300    R1.0:      201 00:00:00 (4,138)  44°C    232.89GB  #1 End Device  [SATA 300]
 Crucial_CT240M500SSD3 (1334094AE356)   SATA 300    R2.0:                       (2)  56°C    223.57GB  #2 End Device  [SATA 600]

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  • Hi Red-Ray,

    As far as I know, the HM77 chipset only supports two SATA III ports, which one would think would be port 0 and the mSATA port. Did you order the system with an mSATA SSD?

  • Thank you for your reply. I can confirm the HM77 only has two SATA 600 ports and at the moment they are the two non mSATA drives. I am hoping this can be switched in some way, but have thus far failed to find a way to do this.

  • Although I can't find the specs on the Dell site, two other sites I checked indicate the mSATA port is SATA II. I don't know of any way to change that.

  • The user manaual is but does not help.

  • Good job at figuring it out.

    I wish they would start referring to them as mSata-II or mSata-III so we know of they are 300 or 600. Even mSata-300 or mSata-600 would work.

    This would be similar to how you see the 2.5" bays refereed to (ie SATA-II or SATA-300).

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