Inspiron N5010 New Hard Drive Replacement - How to Fix Error Messages PxE-E61 & PXE-MOF -

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Inspiron N5010 New Hard Drive Replacement - How to Fix Error Messages PxE-E61 & PXE-MOF -

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RE: Dell Inspiron N5010

500 GB

Windows 7 Home SP1 x 64

Hard Drive Replacement

from OLD Hard Drive Toshiba Disk Drive MK5065GSX

 HDD2H82 D UL02 B
SATA 5400 RPM 500GB FW:GJ002D
to NEW Hard Drive
  Replacement: Seagate Serial ATA
local computer store Recommend WWN: 5000C5003DBAFE9F
SATA 7200 RPM 500 GB FW: SD28
PROBLEM: Unable to load Recovery System from 4 Disks
 Error Messages -  PXE-E61 --- Media test failure check cable
 PXE-MOF-- exiting PXE ROM

Solution Attempts without Success: google search & Dell forum search 

1. F2 tap to setup -- Boot Priority Sequence - 
 1st Boot - CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive
 2nd Boot - Hard Drive
 3rd Boot - USB Storage Device
 4th Boot - Diskette Drive
 5th Boot - eSATA
 6th Boot - Network

2. Disassembled laptop to disconnect & reconnect new hard drive - same error messages following assembly

3. F12 at startup to ensure CD/DVD Drive is first boot - did so but same error msg

4. F12 - Diagnostics - Thorough Complete --- No Problems found - everything Passed

5. First Boot - DVD Drive - would not load Recovery Sytem Disks.


1.  Would New Hard Drive be cause of problem?
 - change in rpm - from 5400 rpm to 7200 rpm
 - BIOS Utility Program - from Phoenix to Aptio

2. Prior to HDD Replacement, error messages pop ups @ start up recommending new battery replacements.  We have not replaced battery to date.


1.  How to fix these 2 PXE error message?
2. After I get this error resolved, I want to partition this new hard drive into 2 parts...1 for programs, applications etc. and 2. save Documents, photos, itune, podcasts,... Can we talk about this here, or should I start a new topic on forum?

Thank you for any input,
Greatly appreciated,
~ Gem~

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  • Hi Gem,

    The PXE error means your laptop is trying to boot to a network device since the system cannot find a bootable device. Obviously, you have a new hard drive with no operating system. The bootable device that should be loading is one of your recovery discs.

    My suggestion is to boot to the F12 menu and select DVD from there, but try each of your four discs in turn. It will save time if you disable all devices other than the DVD drive and hard disk drive in the BIOS. Instead of reporting the PXE error, you'll just get an "F1 to contiinue, F2 for system setup" error. You can pop that disc out, put in the next one and hit F1 to try again.

  • Hello

    Thank you for your reply.

    Re:  BIOS suggestion to disable all devices other than the DVD drive and hard disk drive ---


    This new Seagate HHD came with Aptio Setup Utility - I'm familiar with Phoenix. I cannot seem to find answer on Aptio nor google as to how to disable drives.

    ~ F12

    ~ DVD Drive

    ~ sounds like its loading from the DVD Drive

    ~ Both PXE error messages appear

    The entire message reads:

    Intel UNDI, PXE-2.1 (build 083)

    Copyright (C) 1997-2000 Intel Corporation

    This Product is covered by one or more of the following patents:  US5, 307, 459, US5, 434, 872, US5, 732, 094, US6,570, 884, US6, 115, 776 and US6 327. 625

    Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller Series v1.19 (08/10/09)

    PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable

    PXE-MOF: Exiting PXE ROM.

    Reboot and Select proper Boo device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key.

    (press key & the entire message repeats)

    Did this for all 4 disks...result in same PXE error message.

    **NOTE: I will continue to google search for a way to disable the drives on Aptio.

    Thank you

    ~ Gem ~


  • Hi again

    FYI,  here are some photos of Aptio menu screens..Not sure how to attach photos to this post so here is a link to view them... click on the thumbnail for close up view.

    Thank you for your help,

    ~ Gem ~

  • Why don't you try setting up the drive without Aptio?

  • Hello


    Phoned Dell Tech support (Canada)

    1.                 due to warranty expiration, they offered a $175 service
    • send laptop to tech
    • tech will confirm if error msg is accurate "Hard drive failure"-- 
    • if hard drive requires new replacement - they would replace hard drive at additional cost
    • explained to tech that this is a senior's laptop, limited income, I purchased new hard drive for her, in hopes this would be a solution
    • tech wasn't able to offer suggestions:
    •  to the reason Recovery Disks were not being loaded
    • NOR current PXE error msgs
    •  transferred me to Software dept


    Dell Software Rep

    • unable to help with Aptio, but determined that I need to install Windows 7 from the cd disk that came with computer upon purchase
    • No Windows Disk came with purchase, only a Dell drivers utilities disk
    • As recommended upon SetUp following were made:
    • 1 Repair Disk
    • 4 Recovery Disks
    • I have tried loading these disks without success
    • She explained that Windows 7 Startup is not on these System Recovery disks that are recommended upon SetUp
    • PARDON??  I Don't Understand...
    • Offered  to send me Dell Windows 7 Start up at a fee... I negotiated No Charge as this is for senior on limited income, & I purchased a New Hard Drive out of the goodness of my heart in hopes to rectify sit’n.
    • Should arrive in 2-3 Business Days
    • Advised that I call this new Hard Drive Manufacturer to assist with PXE messages.


    >>>>>>>>>>SEAGATE:  Contacted Seagate tech and the following is my CHAT:


    Seagate Ok, so you're replacing your internal drive with another internal drive, and you receive the error "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key.(press key & the entire message repeats) You need to install Windows on the drive

    ME:  yes thats right

    Seagate: do you have the Windows CD that came with your computer?

    ME: No cd came with computer. but I did make the back up recovery 4 disks & repair disk Seagate: Ok, you need to recover those disks to the drive. It sounds like the drive is being detected, but Windows is not on the drive, so it will not boot up.

    ME: can you walk me through this process plse?

    Seagate: I'm sorry, you would have to contact Dell for that. The recovery disks are not our software, and it is not something we support.

    You: did I need to do anything on password page, or disable page ? or is it done correctly there

    Seagate: I'm sorry, I do not know. That has nothing to do with the hard drive

    ME: Ok but you have assessmed that my laptop recognizes-detects new hard drive ok?

    ME: : is there a problem in replacing 5400 rpm with 7200 rpm

    Seagate: As far as I can tell. If you're getting an error saying there is nothing to boot off it makes sense, since Windows is not on the drive.

    Seagate: No, no problem going from 5400 to 7200

    ME: Ok thanks...should I contact Aptio?

    Seagate: You said the computer was a Dell in your description, If it's a Dell computer, I'd call them

    ME: They have given me 2 suggestions that you see above & they did not help

    ME:  but I will try again

    Seagate: I'm sorry Gem, I'd help you if I could. We don't support restoring recovery Disks, unless our software created them

    ME:  Thanks for your least I know that the new hard drive is the way, how did you find that?

    Seagate: You're welcome. The only way to be certain the drive is being detected, is if it shows in BIOS. But the computer is acting how it should act when a drive is in a computer, but there is no Operating System.



    From the above process I learned:

    • New Hard Drive installed correctly & is being detected.
    • Laptop Sales do not include Windows 7 start up CD:
      • After checking with a few friends with their recent laptop purchase, learned that NO Windows 7 Disk came with their purchase – HP, Dell, Sony…
      • Is this standard procedure?
    • Why is there a fee to purchase this Startup Win 7 CD?
    •  Why isn’t it included upon computer purchase?

    Setup Recommendation to create Repair Disk & Recovery Disks is misleading.

    • Dell User guide states:

                 use the system recovery media if changes to the hardware, software, drivers, 
                or other system settings have left the computer in an undesirable operating state

    • Does “definition of  Hardware”  not include internal Hard Drive?

                Reading through the User Guide, if stated, I did not find reference to Dell Win 7 OS startup CD.   My assumption is that the repair & Recovery disks would include everything needed to SetUp &   Start.

    • Am I the only one to miss this important fact?
    •  Am I the only one on this planet that didn’t know that Recovery Disks DOES NOT include Win 7 OS?  
    • Am I the only one that believed Repair Disk & Recovery Disks was my life jacket & save me in event of hard drive crash?
    • Edging on embarrassment asked friends what their understanding was – relieved they confirmed the same understanding. We are now all ordering Win OS startup in event our hard drive fails.

    NOW – awaiting for Win 7 StartUp CD to arrive.

    What is the step by step procedure to install following new hard drive replacement?

    When do I format the drive? When do I partition drive so senior friend can save photos, documents etc on separate drive.  And how much space to calculate for partitions.  Is windows OS installed before format & Partitioning?

    Thank you for your support & advise.

    ~ gem ~

  • Hi Gem,

    Yes, below is a link to a very nice Windows reinstallation guide. Your recovery discs do in fact include Windows 7, but for whatever reason they are not booting the system as they should. Whether this is related to the Aptio BIOS, I cannot say. But for the purposes of reinstalling Windows, my recommendation would be not to use Aptio.

    Sorry about all the hassle. You're making a good faith effort to try to figure out what to do, so I commend you.

  • Hello

    Thank u for your reply...

    I'm sorry I do not see the Windows Reinstallation guide link...please resend it.

    Thank you


  • AND

    Thank you for acknowledging efforts.  This journey to find a solution has been positive - feeding the curious mind. Some Things are fuzzy for this amateur, but I'm sure I would not have been this patient if it were my laptop lol.

    I'm not clear, please clarify How re: your suggestion ------->  Why don't you try setting up the drive without Aptio?

    Thank you

    ~ Gem ~

  • Ooops! sorry I just found the Installation link

    was below your signature

    Thank u

    ~ Gem ~