winretools wont defrag

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winretools wont defrag

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Please help, when i try to optimize and defrag my drives( win 8 ) it will only do the  os(:c) drive and pbr image drive,  winretools is 60% fragmented & refuses to analyze and defrag! is there anyway i can perform this task manually? im not that great with computers mind! plus im not that optamistic my hd is going to last much longer as it keeps failing short self test when ever i perform diagnostics.I have seen others with similar hd problems  on here and was advised to do chk dsk command,  i have no clue what their on about , is this done through promt command after booting?Advanced tools? it will not perform automatic fix i keep getting error and log scrip t (again not a clue ) im scared to go any further in case i make the problem worse ive kept all the error messages but dont know what to do with them. If this was you what would you do please help. i dnt really want to buy another hard drive if it can be helped. THANKS!  Dee

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  • Hi Dee,

    First things first. If you are getting an indication of hard drive problems, you need to make sure your files are backed up right away!! Use a high capacity flash drive if you have one.

    Second, you need to test your drive from the Dell support center. Choose the custom test, then scroll down to find your hard drive and perform the short test. Let me know the results of the test.

  • Hi,

    I'm getting the same result, may i know what winre tools is? What does it mean if you unable to optimize winre, whats gonna happend?

  • Hi SickPit,

    Can you explain your problem in more detail? I also need to know the model of your Dell.

  • Thanks for the response...

    Model Inspiron 5421, i'm not a computer savvy but to explain it in detail, i was trying to defrag my drives and no prob with C: and PBR image but when it comes with winretools is says "current status : needs optimization (68% fragmented)" but  every time i optimize winretools its doing nothing... What can i do?

  • WINRE is the Windows 8 recovery environment. I'm trying to figure out why you're trying to use that. Are you just trying to defrag your hard drive?

    Let me suggest this tutorial to help you defrag your hard drive. But keep in mind that if you have a solid-state drive, you should NOT use defrag.

  • As a part of its weekly schedule it automatically defrag my hard drive then i noticed that winre has % fragmented, so i looked upon on the internet cuz i don't understand. So does it mean that i don't need to defrag my computer? What does 90% fragmented means in winre? Is it bad?

  • Don't worry about the WinRE partition. You should leave it alone.

  • I have a Inspiron 15R Notebook (Inspiron 5521), Windows 8, 64-bit and I am having the same identical problem that you are having. I went to check the drive status after the automatic maintenance had finished and noticed that the Winretools drive is 40% fragmented. I tried to optimize it manually, and it wont do it. It cycles like it wants to do it, but then in stops really fast, then says 39% fragmented. I am very worried about this issue. this laptop is only 4 months old. I like everything about it except this issue.

  • Hi Silverspoon,

    My suggestion is to leave it alone. This partition is for OS recovery. It's not actively used by your system so it won't slow anything down.

  • I agree, but, the default settings have the C drive, PBR Image drive, and the Winretools drive all selected for optimization. So do you suggest that I deselect both PBR and Winretools drives, so that neither of them are optimized on a regular basis?

  • Thank you for the active response. Appreciate it... =)

  • Silverspoon,

    Yes, you should only defrag the C drive.

  • Okay,  I have made the appropriate changes. Thank you.

  • Silverspoon, I have the same thing occurring on my Alienware M17X laptop on Windows 8.  What changes were made so that winretools is not in the defragmentation window?  It's more of an annoyance than anything.  The only drive I want to appear there is my C drive, but winretools just stays there.

  • The PBR and Winretools drives both still appear there. I just went into the Change settings and deselected both, the PBR and Winretools drives, so that neither of them will optimize automatically anymore. These both are just partitions only used for back up and recovery. So I wouldn't try to remove them... They are there for a good reason.