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winretools wont defrag

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Please help, when i try to optimize and defrag my drives( win 8 ) it will only do the  os(:c) drive and pbr image drive,  winretools is 60% fragmented & refuses to analyze and defrag! is there anyway i can perform this task manually? im not that great with computers mind! plus im not that optamistic my hd is going to last much longer as it keeps failing short self test when ever i perform diagnostics.I have seen others with similar hd problems  on here and was advised to do chk dsk command,  i have no clue what their on about , is this done through promt command after booting?Advanced tools? it will not perform automatic fix i keep getting error and log scrip t (again not a clue ) im scared to go any further in case i make the problem worse ive kept all the error messages but dont know what to do with them. If this was you what would you do please help. i dnt really want to buy another hard drive if it can be helped. THANKS!  Dee

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