Inspiron 14z: Replace DVD drive with hard drive

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Inspiron 14z: Replace DVD drive with hard drive

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I just bought a Inspiron 14z that comes with a 500gb hard drive and the 32gb mSATA ssd.

It works ok, but I also bought an additional 120GB SSD that I want to install.

My first idea was to just replace the 500gb hd with the 120gb ssd. I have a couple of large external hard drives that will be enough to fit whatever doesn't fit in the 120gb (previously I had only a 96gb ssd and never had any issues with the lack of space).

I was wondering if it is possible to, instead of just removing the 500gb hd, use some kind of adapter to connect where the dvd drive is, I really cannot recall the last time I used the dvd drive, and I would rather have the hard disk there.

Please let me know if there's a way to do that, and what would I need to buy.


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  • You can try -- if anyone has such an adapter, they will.

    Note though:  many of these adapters cannot be used for boot drives.