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Upgraded PSU for Optiplex 9020

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I just received my Optiplex 9020 MT and was hugely disappointed to find out that I can't upgrade the PSU. The motherboard lacks the 20/24pin connector. It has a custom 8pin connector (I don't believe its the EPS12V connector). I managed to find a PSU that fits the chasis (Corsair cx600) but now I can't power it on with the new PSU. I require the new PSU to power my GTX760 card.

Is there any 500W PSU out there I can swap it to? If not, I will be forced to return this PC back.



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  • The Optiplex would not be the system to get if you had intentions of upgrading to a GTX 760.  I would send it back and get the XPS 8700.  You probably won't have to change out the power supply on this system for the card, but if you do you can use the Corsair. 

  • Hello Kelbear1,

    Sadly there are no models listed for the XPS in the HigherED section:


  • Dell Precision Models would be though.


    Dell Precision T1700 Mini Tower

    Quadro Desktop Workstation Specifications
    BOARD FEATURES Quadro K600
    Memory Size 1GB DDR3
    Memory Interface 128-bit
    Memory Bandwidth 29 GBps
    NVIDIA® CUDA™ Parallel Processor Cores 192
    Max Power Consumption 41W

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  • Only the Precision Workstations are going to have those big power supplies starting with the T3600.  

  • The price on the Precision jumps up pretty quick. I think i might settle on the Alienware X51 as it's within my budget. It comes with everything i need except no free PCI slots for future add-on cards. The other alternate is going for the XPS 8700 and change the PSU and use the GTX 760 card i got already. Any idea what's the power rating on the XPS 8700 PSU? Is it a standard ATX PSU that can be easily upgraded?

  • It's a standard ATX PSU at 460 watts.  The GTX 760 has similar power consumption compared to the GTX 660 Ti.  Others have used the GTX 660 Ti on this power supply.  You can easily upgrade it though if you need to.  

  • Thank you so much for your help Kelbear1!

    The Dell SMB website now have more models of XPS8700 listed and i will be purchasing the one that has the GTX 660. Got to wait for 1 week for production. That card uses 1 PCI-E  power connector while my GTX 760 utilizes 2 of them. The video card mfr provided a 4pin molex to PCI-E adapter which i can utilize or if possible just swap out the PSU box with the Corsair CX600 i got with me

  • The power supply on the XPS 8700 should have two PCIe 6-pin power cables for video cards requiring them.  Most likely you will not have any 4-pin molex connectors on the Dell power supply since everything uses SATA.  The GTX 660 Ti uses two also, but the GTX 660 only uses one.  

  • I'm extraordinarily frustrated by a similar matter, however, what complicates this is that a dell technical support specialist informed me that "any ATX power supply will work on your system."  Of course I realize this is not true, so I pushed the fellow on his answer.  He indicated I could check for an adapter at centrixintl.com or at power-on.com.  I checked both of these and found nothing.  I'm so blasted frustrated over this.  Does anyone know what the pin-out is on the 8 pin connector?


    Answered in your other post here:





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  • Hi A.F,

    Thanks for sharing your inforamtion on Optiplex 9020MT. Actually, I just like to buy one as yours to replace my current Optiplex 960 as its chassis does not support my new GTX760, which occupies 2-slot, and 9.5 inches long. So I would like to seek your advice whether the Optiplex 9020 MT chassis can have this long and fat grapic card installed in? Would you mind if sharing me a picture of inner chassis, so I can check the motherboard layout clearly. Thanks a lot.



  • @haowplay -- The 9020 MT has room for a pretty thick graphics card, but the accessory drive mounts, installed in the front lower-most portion of the chassis will obstruct a full-size graphics card.  I have a half-length EVGA card with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX650Ti which is extremely gutsy and still fits in this chassis, IF you can get an adequate power supply in the case.  Good luck.

  • Thanks @Bamaraddoc's kind help. Seems the length is another issue I should consider. According to official figures,the chassis is with 14.2*6.9*16.4,while my GTX760 has 9~9.5 inches. So that's why I need a picture of inner chassis to estimate whether this chassis has enough space. PSU is not a problem 'cos current AbCel 550 works fine. Anyway, I need to further check. Appreciate you guys who already owned 9020MT can share me a picture of inner layout. Have a nice day.
  • I have donated my useless 9020 to my work colleague. I will take some pics of it on Tuesday for you. Ping me by Wed if you don't hear back from me.

    On the bright side, my XPS shipped on Friday, so hopefully will get my hands on it this Wednesday


    P.S: Where did you get the 500W PSU from? The one that came with my 9020MT is a 290W custom PSU with no 20/24pin connector but a special 8pin connector to the motherboard



  • Great, thanks.

    For the PSU, I got it from a friend, who bought on eBay or somewhere else. It has a lot of connectors with several types of pin, and it's said once it was used on server. I will check the detail, and put here for reference.