Dual monitor connection for dimension 620


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Dual monitor connection for dimension 620

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Just got a second monitor to add to my dimension 620 desktop. The tower does have 2 vga ports but when I connect the new one/2nd one the system doesnt see it. This is the first time Ive tried to do this so please be patient with me.

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  • What model video card or do you have integrated video? To use dual monitors you must have a video card  or integrated video that supports it. There is no computer named Dimension 620. You must have an Inspiron 620 which has 1 vga and 1 hdmi and integrated video. That probably doesn't support dual monitors. Look up Dual Monitors in Help for more.

  • Youre right, inspiron 620. It only a year old.

    Video Card

    AMD RADEON HD 6450

    And as stated it has 2 vga ports because I have both monitors into their own port currently.

  • If your monitors have digital inputs (DVI or HDMI), I suggest using those, not the analog VGA ports.

  • I dont have any extra hdmi cables. Will it work if one is using the VGA and the other the DVI?

  • Apparently it will. :)  Confused as to why the 2nd vgs didnt work but alls well now. Thank You!!

  • You're welcome -- glad we could help!